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    Friday, November 19, 2010

    How To : create a Viral Email..

    To many cubicle zombies, a good read that gives you that laugh (or hypochondriac scare) with your morning cup of coffee is all you need to start your day. Of course, the reality is, it's a more effective tool helping you waste your day while faking work by moving piles of papers around the table and stapling plane A4's to each other. Therefore, the quality of those emails is a craftsmanship on its own, and a skill that needs to be sculpted and mastered to put the company servers into good use, or any use at all.

    Today, I'll teach you just that, dear Saudi procrastinator, and you shall forever be in my debt. Make the damn jump.. NOW!

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Thank You, Come Again :")

    Usually said AFTER you finish serving someone, wanting them to "come again" and use your services at a later time. It's not rocket science, so don't "Well DUH" me, mean person.

    Anyways, In Saudi Arabia, it's the first thing the generic governmental worker tells you after taking your application/inquiry, despite standing in line for 3 damn hours and/or the fact that you do have a professional life that you need to attend to, or the fact that what you need can be solved in minutes, let alone whatever-number of working days he throws at you..

    Why the government worker exclusively?

    My recent "experience" in that area answered me..

    Saturday, November 6, 2010

    Once a Pretty "Saudi" October..

    What you're about to read is not fiction (as much as i hoped it was when i first read them), and they were NOT taken from a cheap tabloid, and were NOT fabricated for comical relief. The events are, despite how hilarious/sad/ridiculous/thought-numbing they are, reported in highly-credible local news sources.

    Ok, maybe a bit of a shaken trust in Al Jazeera, after their MENTAL BREAKTHROUGH, but yeah..

    Now that i've mentally prepared you for what lies ahead, dear reader, make the jump..

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Support Hoda Al Hamid

    In an event that is considered a first of it's kind in Saudi Arabian media, The morning Show "Sabah Al Saudia" broke the norm of what you'd expect from a governmentally funded, low rating, channel, and brought a morning discussion about Unemployment in Saudi Arabia. For once, the show spoke of something that the public can relate to.

    As many Saudis would agree, unemployment is a serious crisis that is on the increase for quite sometime, with the market's focus on cheap foreign labor and -sometimes- ignoring the Saudi laws regarding the minimum needed percentage of Saudi employees.

    In Saturday's show, guests writer Sa'ad Al Dosari and Dr.Hasan Al Ajami (both famous for their writing in different local news papers) criticized the lack of compliance, cooperation and initiatives of the ministries and authorities, holding them responsible for the unemployment rise, and asking them to abide by their "patriotic responsibilities" to help the Saudi youth.

    According to several local and Middle Eastern sources (found -in Arabic- here, here and here) Hoda Al Hamid was fired from her job, and the rest of the cast were given warnings. The content of the show (in Arabic) can be found after the jump.

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Men are from Mars, Women are "Haram"

    It's officially reported in all major news sources (if it reached CBS, it's everywhere) yet not officially confirmed by the main source, The Grand Muftis of Saudi Arabia supposedly agreed on a fatwa that will ban women from working as Cashiers. You know, that evil sinful job of taking your cash and giving you back your change, and may or may not approve your coupons.

    The fatwa states, since Women cashiers will be exposed to men, this will "obviously" lead to an increasing chance of men being infatuated by women, thus leading to more possible mischief, thus the end of the world as we know it (I added the last part). The constant exposure of women is forbidden, and they shouldn't work as Cashiers, leading to the fatwa of stating it's Religiously Haram. Case closed..

    From the looks of it, soon enough, we won't greet a new day with a "good morning", we'll just stick with "good haram". God knows what evils the day holds.

    I really hope this is an over blown rumor, because it seriously needs to be confirmed/debunked by the council. If it's not, then make jump..