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    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Permission to Blog, mein Führer?

    If you were around Twitter early Friday morning, you probably noticed a Saudi hashtag trend titled #Haza3.. It's basically what many Saudis chose as a form of protest to statements made by the official Spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Media, Abdulrahman al Hazza..

    According to NotepadMedia (use GoogleTranslate)
    خاص بالمفكرة الإعلامية: أعلن المتحدث الرسمي لوزارة الثقافة و الإعلام السعودي الأستاذ عبد الرحمن الهزاع بأنها صدرت الموافقة على إضافة نظام النشر الالكتروني إلى نظام المطبوعات والنشر المعمول به في السعودية، و بذلك أصبح للوزارة أرضية نظامية و القانونية للنظر في أى قضية تعرض عليها مما ينشر في الصحف الإلكترونية أو المنتديات، و بذلك أضيف الإعلام الإلكتروني كأحد المجالات التي تعمل الوزارة على الترخيص لها و مراقبتها.

    و أشار في حدثه لبرنامج "في المرمي" الذي بث مساء أمس على قناة العربية إلى أن الوزارة تقوم حاليا على تجهيز اللائحة التنفيذية للنظام بالتنسيق في ذلك مع الجهات الرسمية المعنية بالأمر، حيث أن من المتوقع أن يتم البدء بالعمل بهذه اللائحة متى ما أعتمدت من معالي وزير الإعلام، في حين سيكون من ضمن جزياتها كيفية الترخيص لأي صحيفة إلكترونية في أي تخصص، و ما هي الشروط التي يجب توفرها في من يقف وراء تلك الصحفية الألكترونية.
     As TechCrunch noted, once approved, I might have to apply for a Blogging License (reading and commenting licenses are optional).. That might be a bit "blowing it out of proportion", but it does give a dark premise of the future.. Here's why..

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Colbert Meets Schmidt..

    Well, first things first, since i know a handful of you don't bother to make the jump.. Anyways, Mobily (the Saudi almost-leading Telecom company) has officially announced they'll start selling unlocked iPhone4 starting tomorrow (September 25th).. Nothing about the pricing, so you'll have to find out yourselves..

    Time to get those comfy shoes and wait in line, because from Twitter RT's, it might run out of stock by the end of this week (like what happened with the 3G and 3Gs)

    Anyways, now that we got that news out of the way, let's dive into last week..

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Tomorrow's the National Day..

    Oh Country of mine, how do i love thee, let me count the ways..

    Maybe it's making Wednesday a one-day national holiday (despite the national day being tomorrow).. Some how, nothing can say "Have fun" than to spare us the "joy" of a working day in Saudi..

    Maybe it's how this country's wealth is allowing thousands of scholarships to hundreds of universities around the world, giving them the opportunity of a life time for free..

    Maybe it's KAUST and it's role in being an academical flagship for the kingdom, and "theoretically" a social experiment on a scale that's been never taken in this kingdom's history, since King Faisal god rest his soul..

    Maybe it's how the kindness of the people, and the King, to take loud steps towards helping Pakistan.. I can never deny how major that is in my book, and the type of impact it made on the youth as a role model for good..

    and Maybe it's the many little things we're taking for granted, doing the good most of us barely notice..

    So Have a happy national day,  and try to enjoy the crowded streets and the poorly organized national celebration events scattered around the kingdom.. Poor budgeted, bad publicity and lack of organization, but it's the thought that matters, right?

    Well, What I can assure you, the above mentioned are probably the happiest words you'll read on this blog.. So, as a good "loving" fan emailer noted, Allow me to be my "irrational pessimistic self".. That being said, Make the jump only if you feel like toning down that national pride you're in..

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    It's a Googled Week, i guess..

    It seems that the competition of smart phones focus merely on an ethical approach of "Which is more open, and which is more user-friendly and allows innovation".. And, of course, Apple has been mocked for it's lack-thereof status towards these aspects (supposedly).. Well, hows Google treating you, oh freedom seekers?

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    The Unholy Trinity, Architecturally..

    What you design will be massacred all the way from the drawing board, to the shop drawings, to the contractor who wanted to be an architect and couldn't make it, and then saw your work as a chance for him to prove himself (only to realize, he should've just stuck with pouring concrete and yelling at the over-work labor force)..
    Ok, maybe "Massacred" is a harsh word to use for the norm, so i'll just save it for my sad scenario(s) <<< Plural
    Honestly, I knew this existed before, but it was painful to work on a design that turned from a contemporary architectural statement, to something similar to matchboxes and crap facade design we see around.. Therefore, that frustration is the sole sponsor of today's rant..

    Those "cheesy" Kiri ads.. GAWD!

    LMAO! Thank you!!

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    AC Rips the Pastor a new one..

    Owned by Anderson Cooper.. 'nuff said..
    [update] And I couldn't be more relieved that THAT train wreck was avoided..