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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Review - God of War 3..

    The gaming industry is taking different turns, experiencing with different formulas, trying to figure out new ways to deliver what they have to.. well.. deliver..


    One thing for sure, many are focusing on how the graphics and polygons blow your mind in drool-effect.. And this year, it's been quite amazing "visually".. Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy, and now FINALLY God of War 3..

    Note: am Not saying that they're the only visually good games, but they're the one i reviewed so far, so yeah.. (Yay for self-promotional stunts)

    So, after managing to find a smuggled copy in our "thriving" market, and having to play it through a HESITANT submission period (which is not due yet, since it's pushed every day), finally managed to rip my way out of the games story..

    11 hours later (well, 10:58), the story has laid it's final piece of the trilogy (not if you count the PSP release).. In the end, Was this game the send-off this series deserves?

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Review - Final Fantasy..

    Much can be said about a series such as Final Fantasy, in terms of what it is and what it represents to the huge armies of fans of all ages.. a series that's been known for it's imagination, the memorable characters, it's complex battle systems, and the intricate stories and worlds that acts all well together, delivering an experience not less than a fantasy of its own.. With major milestones like FF II, VII (and VII CC), IX and X (my opinion for the best FFs, what about you?), the series made sure our hands would sweat clinching our controllers, waiting for the next release.. And our jaws to drop after experiencing the wholesome number of hours spent trying to survive through one epic story after another..

    As much as that image will remain glorified in the hearts and minds of hardcore fans, the series did manage to flop a couple of times.. A stray from the complicated stories in VIII, or the seemingly feminist approach of X-2, or the trial-and-error of the battle system of XII, the image of the series was never shook down by the failures, but ironically kept the people asking for more and more..  And people asked for a next-gen fantasy, and SquareEnix delivered FF XIII..

    So, to the many of you, was it worth the wait? Or was it a Flat Fantasy? To me, i'm torn halfway in between..

    [ am a big fan of the series, so expect a long one ]

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    Review - Heavy Rain..

    Anyone familiar with Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) would know that QuanticDream probably wanted to be in the movie business, but didn't make it somehow.. Despite the low quality 3D designs of the game, especially for a PlayStation 2 release, but the story sucks you right in.. Starting from the psychotic thriller of the first murder, Indigo Prophecy managed to deliver a trip like no other.. Well, maybe Metal Gear did that too, but Indigo was something different.. If you played it, you'd know..

    Now, Quantic's latest release, Heavy Rain, promises to top that experience, deliver it's self-designed genre to the next generation of graphics, and promise you a thrill of a life time.. Of course, i anticipated this game since the technical demo of E3 2006, and already vented on the ban of selling it, and finally found it for a lousy 360 SR (it was supposed to be 400, but i used my skills -may or may not included beating the guy-).. So, after all that trouble, after all the waiting for the game, and after a full 10+ hours of game play, Did QuanticDream deliver?

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    RIM to RIP?

    Well, the service was growing so fast, I was starting to wonder where our technology ignorance was hiding the whole time..

    If you haven't heard, Research In Motion's BlackBerry service MIGHT be banned for good.. And am saying MIGHT, because the dispute is still ongoing, and there is still little chance of reaching an agreement.. Then again, in my personal opinion, with a mentality that broke the camera lenses on the first Camera-enabled phones, i doubt that agreement is happening anytime soon, if not at all..

    So, Why the ban?

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    RANT - Google.. Buzz?

    The first decade of the 21st century is probably the decade where Google is spreading dominance over the web.. They won't settle until the whole interweb is under their terms of use, defined with their own simplistic view to how communication should be.. Some dubbed them the leaders, and some dubbed them the future of Big Brotherhood on the web.. Both are correct to some extent.. Gmail, Talk, Wave, Android and Chrome OS are signs of the Google footprint in every aspect of communication (and so far, they're offering some stiff competition).. Now, I don't mind it, I like Google, but they're starting to over do it..

    Already know what am talking about? for those who don't, it's Buzz (no relation to Toy Story)..