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    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    Apple's Latest - iPad or iPffft?

    Yesterday put all rumors and speculations to an end, as Apple finally announced their tablet machine, known as the iPad (at least it's better than iSlate or iGuide.. Hold on, HP took the Slate?).. Millions around the world logged in the different live updates from those who attended the event, and now that we can actually see the specs of the machine posted online, and reflecting on the previous speculations, it's the moment of truth..

    Does the iPad deliver?

    - For those who're expecting NASA space technology to be fitted in a 10" machine, don't click "Read more", the iPad is everything but that -

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    One More Thing..

    For many of you, the tension should be rising with the approach of January 27th, the supposed date of announcement for the Apple Tablet (iSlate, most probably, it's an iPad).. And just when you thought the Apple rumors won't get better than this might-be announcement, it seems that Apple still has "One more thing"..

    I actually thought the tablet was the "One More Thing", but I thought wrong..

    For anyone who's planning to upgrade his iPhone, or purchase a new one, I think it's safe to just wait a little longer.. It's been circulating around since late 2009, and now, more rumors are surfacing with speculation on the iPhone 4G (insert gasp here)..

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Saudi Channels Galore & a Make Over?

    No matter how many times these channels will change their logos, or even higher fancier designers to have some content-make-over, it seems persistent to believe that a new look would gather more attention..

    What seems to skip the minds over that TV Tower, it's not the look of things more than what the things are.. I mean, half of the content on the Saudi channel is still pre-recorded material from the 80's, and the other shows had the same boring hosts for over 10 years repeating the same content every couple of months.. Sure, there are a couple of shows that I admired (at first) but then they lacked originality.. Maybe because we're so focused on imitating other Arabic channels in what they do and how they deliver it, while not focusing on WHY are people watching those channels?

    Blaming it on the Rain again..

    I don't know how many of you watched this comedy show, yesterday on Etha'at show on MBC with Turki Al-Dakheel , because it sure was entertaining seeing a confused authority figure carry around A2 cardboards with pretty little Jeddah maps printed on them.. There was more time put into the design of these boards, than in him preparing for the heaps of questions asked on the interview (seemed more like grilling, and it hit many good spots).. And he nearly failed with his stuttering, not knowing what to answer or what to politically avoid..

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Saudi Women - History in the Making..

    These are really bright days in the history of the kingdom, and am more than proud to be living during the days of such days..

    For those who don't follow the news, you really missed some historical dates.. Recently, The Jeddah court of law appointed a woman to be incharge of her family's endowment (waqf), and she's practically the first official woman to be assigned with such a task.. Moreover, Women in the Eastern Province are becoming an important part of the decsion making in the Chamber of Commerce, following the election of two business women.. This all a strong continuation to what the King started early 2009, by assigning the first women as a Deputy minister, following his philosophy of social reform..

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Arkham Asylum : The Ultimately-Honest Review of Batman.. Ever?

    It's easy to admit that we're living in an age of hypes.. Everything, from electronics to movie releases, are all subjected to this enormous hype and viral advertisements that may (or may not) alter the consumers perception of how good the product is..

    For example, Paranormal Activity actually promoted itself through the way people reacted in Cinemas, giving us those feeling of "WOW, MAYBE THIS IS THE SCARIEST MOVIE YET".. As much as I fell under that premise, it came as almost an expected "Oh" when I saw the movie.. Up until the first 30 or 40 minutes, I was actually pulsing, waiting for a scary climax at some point.. Disappointment was the taste left in my mouth as I gladly Delete+Empty-Trash'd it..

    However, we're not talking about movies now, this blog is specifically dedicated to bash one of the most over-hyped games in the past decade (IMO of course), and it has to Batman: Arkham Asylum.. So, if you're still angry why that game didn't win GoTY, it's best you don't click on "Read More"..

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Quick Review: Nexus One - iPhone killer?

    Due to geogrpahical difficulties, No one will be able to check out this piece of machinery, up-close and personal, until it arrives (un)officially here, give it a month or so..

    a smart phone that can actually compete with iPhone (i think it's kicking ass already) and might be the 2010 kick off.. It's the first phone to be made by an internet company..

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    ..First Meme "Ever"?

    I've always been fascinated by the idea of Internet Memes.. a small inside joke, an embarrassing video, or even a random lolcat that spreads through the internet like fire in a haystack.. And it's even more interesting to know the source of these memes that can trace to prehistoric ages (the 80's mainly), and how they still find their way into the present day..

    A couple of days ago, I came across a meme that, apparently, is the oldest meme known to man kind.. No, not the middle finger (though it can be traced to the first cave man's fight with his neighbor), but it's a small audio inside joke that has been passing around for years.. and by years, I mean "since-the-50's" years.. That is really something.. The best thing, it slips under our noses over and over and over, and after this blog, you will ALWAYS recognize it.. And like it did to me, it will HAUNT YOU!!!!