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    Friday, December 17, 2010

    Why my Playstation booked my couch for 2011..

    Well, I've got 12 reasons for that..

    Like every end of year, rumors about game line ups for the year ahead are usually debunked, confirmed, or the crappy confirmed-but-delayed-even-more. And 2010 had an explosive start, but not so much of a sustained momentum in keeping you stuck on your couch (assuming you didn't spend two quarters of this year trying to survive Demon Soul).

    What's different about 2011? Well, let's just say that all the major releases are set on dates that pretty much distribute evenly around the year. How good are they? Since they're mostly continuing installments of games that really blew me away (and many would agree), those developers better not ruin the gigantic amount of anticipation they're creating with those trailers.

    There are a couple of new releases that i've been waiting for since last year, so i'm am pretty much moderately excited about those, but make the jump to see why 2011 might be a good year for antisocialism.

    So, in no particular order, feast your eyes and get those pre-orders ready..

    LA Noire

    Mass Effect 3 (PS3 not confirmed, but PLEASE GOD!)

    Diablo III

    Deus Ex 3

    MGS : Rising

    Portal 2

    Killzone 3

    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Bioshock : Infinite

    Resistance 3

    The Last Guardian

    and saving the ultimate best for last..

    Uncharted 3

    'nuff said..



    1. mmm lou i know ur thinkin about batman.. it feels like a black walkin wall, but cmon.... arkahm city may be better than the last one.
      and about MGS rising ... i dont know .. the idea its great but without kojima... mm naaahhh .. not the same.

      hey and what about last guardian???u miss it

      see ya

    2. I just added Last Guardian, i published the blog just for a preview.. You're stalking the blog now?


      But yeah, unless i see some gameplay in the new Batman, am still heart broken over the last one. But MGS should be a good refereshing kickstart for Konami, they can't completely rely on Hideo. Plus, i really REALLY doubt Hideo would not be involved in this one.

    3. Hey bro ,

      Some good stuff there .. one game is missed though ... i know there's no official trailer for so far .. Max Payne 3 ..

    4. I wanted to include it, but there isn't any official trailer that showed any good stuff about it.. just a display of those screen shots in south america i guess..

      Let's just hope that it's still in development.. :(

    5. I was scrolling down the list waiting for one game only, Uncharted 3. The rest can blow me.