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    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    One Year, and Counting..

    Dear "those responsible for the following"..


    So, just incase you thought you were able to invent a time machine to pause everything until you felt like pressing "play" again, reality outside your offices beg to differ.

    What is it this nonsense i speak of?
    Allow me to elaborate..

    You approved the papers of thousands of financially-disabled Saudis to live in the above-attached damaged areas. You didn't take enough action to avoid the problems, you didn't taken enough action to look after those governmentally-licensed contractors who did a disastrous job in servicing those areas, and you stood by doing little-to-almost-nothing in any scale or respect to actually fix the mistakes, or fix your own public image.

    You "didn't take enough action" to prove that you're on the job, more than a website that showed an initiative that was more dead-on-arrival than your self-defying motto "We're All Responsible".

    Damage was done, people died, and all that human-related issues that happen when people drown and stuff, So, why not your motto into action?

    Oh, you did?
    Doesn't look like it, sorry.

    I want to replace "didn't take enough action" with "didn't even care", but knowing some of those working in your departments, i know that few decisions were made, and even fewer actions were taken. And like always, in this great bureaucracy of ours, you framed those decisions in your reports, and probably lost them in the Journey of a thousand impotent stamps, approvals, and CC's (gotta love those damn CC's)

    Sure, doing what those responsibilities require you to might've been a hassle. Heck, They might've even costed you money, or for you to actually do your job, but hey, why even bother. Time will make sure that this issue gets resolved and burried in our good old selective memory.

    Your sense of responsibility might've been given in your first-day-at-work manuals and pep talks, and well portrayed by your few-but-nonetheless-over-glorified press events. However, it didn't seem to have much of an impact on how fast (or slow), how ethical ( or unethical) and how lawful (or not) things are being carried out of your marble corridors and properly-ventilated meeting rooms.

    Newsflash: Computers are far more useful than a fully animated game of Spider Solitaire, i kid you not..

    But i have to be honest, you're doing an incredible job in keeping those news papers quiet. Maybe if i was on your "good side" too, i'd probably be less bitter in how am addressing this issue a year after it happened. Because you, and the many who do like you do, are nothing but ugly buildings in crowded badly-designed-streets. A true expression of what you are to this city.

    an eye sore, nothing more, nothing less. And am saying this out of "love".

    (i lol'd)

    Blame me for being hateful?
    Sure, why not. Heck, am not supposed to do anything but nod my head in obedience to what you have to say. Sure, when someone asks me, how was the problem solved, i'll smile and say why bother? Am not affected, right? and it sure was the best rain this city have seen in a while, right?

    Still, there's more. I can even act as if all this doesn't matter, to me, or anyone around me, and publicly announce a great promotion for those responsible for it (or at least responsible for ignoring it). See? i'm trying to be -you- , can you blame me?

    That's not you? Oh am sorry, maybe i overlooked what you really did over the last 365+ DAYS WORTH OF NO UPDATES.

    Because, i really don't want to care. I really don't want to be this angry at something that YOU proved i have nothing i can effectively do about. i REALLY don't want this heart burn, but i might be all of this because am just an oxymoron. To you, and to anyone who wants to convince me that this problem didn't exist, not as big as i think it is, or the usual triple combo:

    - We're studying solution that will be implemented..
    - We're currently executing solution that will take effect soon..
    - We're looking into executing solutions that should be implemented in X amount of years..

    Yes, sure, rely on our tendencies to lose attention and passion for the things WE SHOULD BE FIGHTING FOR. It's a guaranteed formula, right?

    Not quite..

    i speak for myself when i say this, you're a disappointment..

    Kind requests were ignored, public pleas for answers were left unanswered, and you publicly gave those asking your help and resources the middle finger. I want to draw a less vulgar image, i swear, but compared to how those victims feel, and what they go through daily after being left out, am actually sugar coating it. Believe it or not.

    Ok, so what can we do? We solve the first problem that is slowing down what we WANT to do in the first place. Form a Public Opinion.

    a public opinion, diversified in interest as it may be, but united in what we aim for this opinion to achieve. Our voice must be heard, because the middle men are working around the clock to block whatever displeases those they have to report to.

    because am sure, in the same fashion the government THOUGHT their money was well spent, they still THINK that action is properly taken not to have another November 25th.

    All we have to do, simply prove other wise.

    Source : GulfNews

    Source : Wikipedia

    Happy belated Anniversary,
    sorry i forgot the flowers..



    1. really .. a year already??'
      wow i remember the saudi venecia.

      u have to fight for your right to SEWER!!!!! ok nahhh .

      just move to another city ...its easier

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