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    Monday, December 6, 2010


    About "disObediance"

    to express an abstract form of disobedience to the norms and standards. In a way, it's "visual" anarchy that visually transcends a message. Each viewer will interpret the image according to what he/she tends to notice most, and thus, creating a delivery base for the messages throughout the series in images, rather than in written form.

    Moreover, I chose to title the chapters with characters, that actually form words, as an approach. I chose to convey the pronunciation, which, on a level, a timeless organic approach in delivering a mental understanding, instead of a textual-to-brain bridge that may or may not block the intended visual delivery.

    Thus, the Visual Manifesto appears..

    The work was intended as a print publication, but for now, i'll publish smaller JPG version of the work on my blog, and will link them directly to this blog post.

    begins | dogma | mainstream | tradition | power | civilization | ends



    1. would be honored and amazed to "read" your visual manifesto !

    2. Thanks, am glad you like it so far.. I'd love to hear your opinion when its all out there :)

    3. Please explain your color palette for disObedience.

    4. in the overall series, or just this cover?

    5. The color palette you used in most of Disobedience seems the same. but, yeah, explain all.

    6. Well, i wanted to choose a scheme that is a surreal merge of a worn out notebook and skin color tones, as if the notes were layered in more than torn off..

      Am not sure if that's what you wanted to know, but what i meant is that each page has a different concept, but yeah, they all revolve around the same approach.. :)