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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    ..what's keeping me Quiet?

    Well, am glad you asked..

    It's been a very emotionally charged month, this November, and my time of leisure was more a time of restoration rather than a renewal. To spare you the gory details, it's not settled yet.
    With all this time away from the keyboard, however, I managed to get my hands busy in a project i've been thinking of doing for the past month. To anyone following my tweets of early this month, you'd probably guess where this project is coming from. If you didn't follow my them, then i guess you'll like this feeling of 

    disObedience : a Visual Manifesto

    mysterious intrigue, right?

    Yeah, didn't think so either..

    Anyways, I have to clear that most of the sketches that am working on for this project were initially drawn for the SketchBook project, but were under the theme of the cover above. I didn't want to throw the trials away, so i decided to work them in here too.
    So, on a personal level, thank you for asking. As for disObedience, well, stay tuned..


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    1. it is great to have an update that explain what are you busy with at the time being,

      Good luck brother and i hope soon to see you around inshallah.