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    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Thank You, Come Again :")

    Usually said AFTER you finish serving someone, wanting them to "come again" and use your services at a later time. It's not rocket science, so don't "Well DUH" me, mean person.

    Anyways, In Saudi Arabia, it's the first thing the generic governmental worker tells you after taking your application/inquiry, despite standing in line for 3 damn hours and/or the fact that you do have a professional life that you need to attend to, or the fact that what you need can be solved in minutes, let alone whatever-number of working days he throws at you..

    Why the government worker exclusively?

    My recent "experience" in that area answered me..

    For starters, weigh these in your head for a while:

    • the private sector is offering for-profit services, and a good percentage of them actually care about smiling in your face (smiling is not a norm in the middle east). The bigger your wallet, the bigger the smile, that's the average case (this, however, is the norm universally).

    • once you complain about any mistreatment, in many cases, you're taken care of by the manager (who has to act tough in front of you, giving you the pleasure of seeing the mistreat-initiator to be mistreated). You paid money, You paid the employee's salary, thus you partially own his services.
    • the private sector has allot of competition, and most of it is in offering the best services with the least inconvenience. Your time is money.

    Now, With the public sector, mind as well ignore all what I just listed above.

    But most of you paper work (that actually matters) is done through the public sector? and you need to get those papers done as soon as possible?

    ..for your children to have ID numbers and become citizens, and not 3 year old aliens?

    ..for your insurance to be approved by the police, on that car that will help you in all your vehicular errands and needs?

    ..for your governmental loan to appear out of thin air, so you can get married, start that business while you're still young and/or get rid of the credit debt that piling over your head?

    ..for whatever god damn reason you'd want to torture yourself for using a public sector service in the first place?

    Well, dear citizen, All your work can wait until a simple inquiry/applications needs to be manually filed, manually dealt with, manually approved, and manually checked on and, of course, manually stamped for approval. After manually dealing with this, you're asked to manually check the following work day to see if the manual process is manually done, and you'll be told (manually, most of the time) that your manually submitted application is manually dealt with (or not = you'll manually have to check again)

    So, manually, you're time traveling to the past where the first stone man didn't like the idea that wheels need to be round..

    I know, i know, many governmental services are becoming better and more automated. HOWEVER, let's do some calculations.

    The rate of which this is happening?

    Now, take that rate, multiply it by the square root of the number of automated services and then compare to the result with the number of manual services.

    Now, take that factor and reason the numbers  (my magical sense tell me it might tip towards "more manual than automated")

    Now.. many of the automated services really need automation in compare to the services that are not automated but crucially need to be?

    Finally, take the resulting thought-provoking conclusion you had, and SLAM IT AGAINST THE DAMN WALL BECAUSE NO ONE CARES..

    Errm.. *clears throat and smiles*You'll have to wait, like we all are (for the past i-lost-count number of years ever since the first computer was introduced to a governmental desk, and Solitaire was discovered by our ancestors)


    So, where was i, oh yes, the Chances of having your specific-happens-to-be-none-automated-and-very-manual service to be done the next day = half the chances of the government employee to smile in your face because the weather is great and Bambi is still alive and he's that much professional..

    NOTE : usually, they DO smile, but it's more because you look funny, or asked a funny mentally-inferior question. And the weather is never great, and Bambi is dead, god damn it!! and professional is a word that is similar to  professor, thus, doesn't exist in the direction you're looking at (or in some sad cases, any academical degree for that matter)

    Now, i might be ranting because am too pissed over some bottled issues that were not resolved (while they can easily be, because i only asked a single question that needs a god damn yes or no answer) but i refuse to accept this as "that's just how it is"..

    I refuse to wake up every morning at 5:30 A-friggin'-M to wait in front for the needed authority's door to open, wait in line, only to know that the 300 numbers allocated for the day was used. Only to pay money for a guy who was there since 4:30 and sold his number in the parking lot below.

    Or I can take those refusals of mine AND SLAM THEM AGAINST THE WALLS BECAUSE THEY DON'T MATTER.. I'll have to wait, like everybody else..

    and finally, a heart-warming plea from this humble citizen (with slight anger problems, but with a rarely-questioned logic)
    Government of Saudi Arabia
    Either hire robots, educate people on Professional Ethics and/or ask for taxes. in ANY case, i don't mind paying for my services. It's better than paying double the amount because of the inconvenience that occurs because of the lack of such services.


    ID No. 01110011011000110111001001100101011101110010000001101101011110010010000001101100011010010110011001100101


    1. oh man! reminds me .. I need to renew my driver's license which has been expired for 18 months . my car license (expired for 6 months)

      And in order to do so.. I need to renew my national ID ..

      God! It scares me ...