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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Dear Nigerian Royal Family members..

    I appreciate the trust, I really do, but the constant nagging is really getting up to here *points at nostrils*.. This has to stop.. And it's not like you're standing by your promise, i still didn't get any packages and/or traveller cheques on my supposed address.. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong with you, guys.. I mean seriously, if you want me to handle your family heirlooms/cash surplus/inheritance from that name-changing Uncle of yours, spamming me with requests (and not replying to my inquiries) is not the way to go..

    Especially when i did everything you asked, and am still waiting.. Help me HELP YOU!

    I'd be less angry if you actually answered the phone, but you brought it on yourself, thus my open-letter.. And for crying out loud, how many wars have you guys gone through and STILL have the ability to email me? Unless you're a pack of Supermen and women, i think you're handling yourself pretty well..

    Oh and before I forget, I kinda lost the address to which I should send my bank statements of the past several months.. Whenever you have the time, and maybe finally resolve whatever crap you're going through, you know where to find me.. I already unspammed you twice, don't push me to do it again..

    Yours Truly,

    the only one (probably) who actually replied..


    1. Lmao.. once they get your email, there is no reprieve for you... normally I am completely against medieval justice but if they ever catch these guys, I wouldnt mind giving 'em a good ole fashioned thrashing in the streets