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    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    BioShock Infinite..

    To anyone who suffered the half-minded sequel to BioShock 1 (probably the most mind-thrilling FPS to date) you'll know that BioShock 2 was an after thought.. a Money milking scheme, to be exact.. Ever since I tried it out, i really gave up on the franchise..

    Until, of course, i came across the third installment in the series : BioShock Infinite.. If things go well in the production, this is probably the Sequel that should've been.. And depending on how good it is, i might be welling to let go of my hate towards the mindless sequel..
    Of course, it's obvious that the gameplay above is scripted, and pretty much directed to create a great first impression to anyone familiar with the series, and new to the series as well.. The environment is still haunting, as always, and the story seems to be somehow connected to rapture in some way (details are better left until you actually play the game) and I really like the new direction they're choosing.. Am getting a little "sea sick" myself..

    Anyways, if you're interested, watch this Ken Levine interview about it.. It's good for your health :)


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