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    Monday, October 4, 2010

    At Least, They Know it's Dirty..

    Well, the state of "acting blind" has been unveiled (i tested, am not delusional) ladies and gentlemen.. It turns out, they know.. who knew?
    Mayor of Jeddah Hani Abu Ras acknowledged on Wednesday that the city’s state of cleanliness was poor. He also said that many municipal services in the city were incomplete and needed urgent review.
    He claimed that the mayoralty would work to develop urban areas, municipal squares, parks and underdeveloped areas in the city. “This requires a lot of work,” he added. -ArabNews

    [insert much awaited sigh of relief here]

    No, that's not the same statement every mayor says on his first days.. True, the words are mostly the same, but the name of the mayor is different.. See?

    So basically, the municipality is confirming, again, what most of us are seeing on a daily basis, living through on a daily basis, and complain about on a daily basis.. Maybe they finally opened the window and looked out side, or wanted to smell from "supposedly" fresh air, or maybe lost a tire or two in a quick drive to the supermarket..

    Sure, to most, this statement desrves a "well, Duh!" comeback.. But thanks to status of social media, that come back is almost guaranteed, 140 characters at a time..

    The article continues..
    Abu Ras, who was appointed mayor last month, said Jeddah required drastic  solutions for its problems [No mayor ever said Drastic and Solutions in the same sentence before, this stuff is serious people!], adding that it would take time [sounds pretty familiar, i don't know why]. “Let me have the opportunity to solve these problems,” he added.
    I think i share the sentiment of the few who commented on the article, and the many who agree in general, that's we did enough talking to fill volumes with press conferences and statements stating the already stated before.. Yes, Jeddah is messy, Yes, it's Urgent, and Yes, something needs to be done..

    Now that we got all that talking out of the way, here's what you'll have to do (feel free to add):

    • Announce projects with set time lines, publish the names of those affiliated (preferably online) and set the timer on "Emergency"..
    • Implement*
    • Supervise those projects, with monthly progress reports.. At least that way, if things slow their pace, you can tell where it started to spiral down.. No need to realize the mistake years (and many victims) after and make a fuss about taking it to court, because it's been almost a year now, and not even the slightest indication of progress.. So, this is actually helpful for you guys to avoid** the mistake in the future..
    • Wash, Rinse, Repeat..
    Now, i know, it's only been a month since Abu Ras became Mayor.. However, i just want to clear out that it won't matter when water "suddenly" decides to come down from the skies, or streets "suddenly" decide to break down due to lack of maintenance.. Or even worse, bridges "suddenly" pause from being completed for mysterious paranormal reasons..

    The clock is ticking, Mayor.. Shows us the intention, carry out the paper work, make the officially-needed first step and Jeddah will support you all the way.. That's a guaranteed promise :)


    p.s. I took the liberty to clear out some vocabulary that might not exist in the previous agendas of the Jeddah Municpality.. So, in advance, you're welcome..
    * implement
    Part of Speech:verb
    Definition:start, put into action
    Synonyms:achieveactualizebring aboutcarry out,completeeffectenableenforceexecutefulfill,invokemake good, make possible, materialize,performprovide the means, put into effect,realizeresolve

    ** avoid
    Part of Speech:verb
    Definition:refrain or stay away from; prevent
    Synonyms:abstainavertbypasscircumlocute, circumvent,deflectdesistditchdivertdodgeduckelude,escapeeschewevadefake out, fend off, flee,give the slip, hidehold off, jumpkeep clear, laylow, obviaterecoilrun for cover, shakeshakeand bake, shake off, shirk, shrink from, shuffleoff, shunshysidestep, skip out on, skip town,skip*, skirt, stay away, stay out, steer clear of,step aside, turn aside, ward off, weave,withdraw

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