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    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Tomorrow's the National Day..

    Oh Country of mine, how do i love thee, let me count the ways..

    Maybe it's making Wednesday a one-day national holiday (despite the national day being tomorrow).. Some how, nothing can say "Have fun" than to spare us the "joy" of a working day in Saudi..

    Maybe it's how this country's wealth is allowing thousands of scholarships to hundreds of universities around the world, giving them the opportunity of a life time for free..

    Maybe it's KAUST and it's role in being an academical flagship for the kingdom, and "theoretically" a social experiment on a scale that's been never taken in this kingdom's history, since King Faisal god rest his soul..

    Maybe it's how the kindness of the people, and the King, to take loud steps towards helping Pakistan.. I can never deny how major that is in my book, and the type of impact it made on the youth as a role model for good..

    and Maybe it's the many little things we're taking for granted, doing the good most of us barely notice..

    So Have a happy national day,  and try to enjoy the crowded streets and the poorly organized national celebration events scattered around the kingdom.. Poor budgeted, bad publicity and lack of organization, but it's the thought that matters, right?

    Well, What I can assure you, the above mentioned are probably the happiest words you'll read on this blog.. So, as a good "loving" fan emailer noted, Allow me to be my "irrational pessimistic self".. That being said, Make the jump only if you feel like toning down that national pride you're in..

    Am not sure how many of you level with me, and maybe it's obvious being a citizen of Jeddah, but I seriously can't find more to be proud about more than nostalgia.. And maybe some childhood memories that bare little relevance to the geography of this country..

    I fail to find pride in a civil system that proved (and still proving) how badly it works.. Am assuming since the funds are being spent, somebody should be doing something.. Because, It's almost a year now (290+ days) since the Jeddah flash floods.. Want me to Speak about Progress to cheer the crowds? Well, The official website covering the news has almost no activity, the municipality has a new boss (the old one has been promoted to Minister of Labor) and there is not even the slightest shred of activity towards remembering/acting/reacting to the November 25th floods..

    And it's really indulging, to live that hype, and then live to see the other hypes that were direct/indirect causes to take our minds away from calling for change..

    I fail to find pride in the lack of an official statement/action/decision towards the issues that are causing society to eat each other because of personal preference, rather than the general preference of the religious doctrine we should be working under.. Because when part of society proposes to solve unemployment by allowing more women in the working force, and another part uses confusion and narrow mindedness to oppose that healthy change, there isn't much room to brag.. 

    When you check with those in charge, the answer "nothing opposes that in the law books" doesn't seem to matter much to the generic Saudi who sees logic in men selling women underwear and sees "sacrilegious evilness" in women selling women underwear.. So, are "you" waiting for us to solve our own differences? Is that "your" job description?

    I can go on listing the things, but no use of being part of the broken record that's been on repeat ever since i grew brain cells.. Maybe my "pessimism" is blinding me, dear hateful Saudi brother and sister, so enlighten me.. Show me the ills of my way, maybe you're seeing the good in the crap that's pissing me off..

    Maybe I shouldn't be seeing bureaucracy in every administrative system out there.. Maybe I shouldn't be noticing how we're too eager to rip anyone asking for change to small parts, instead of accepting the difference in opinions.. Maybe, just maybe, I should completely ignore the urge to vomit in joy everytime I see us creating a problem out of thin air, and then make a fuss about how it's hard to solve..

    Maybe ignorance is a bless.. I vote for a national anthem modification :) (What's wrong with Voting in Saudi Arabia, again?)

    Never take my words as me disregarding the good and focusing on the bad, because am not.. If it wasn't for the good things, those who love this country won't find the fuel to fight off the bad it has all over.. It's just so hard to highlight with all this *crap* shoving me around..

    When something good like Saudi pitching in, generously, to help Pakistan, i can't help but realize that we too had our own share of floods.. Wasn't as devastating, and not equally life threatening.. That is enough reasons to know that it would take less money to take care of, but it does need more work to be done.. What do we have against finishing paper work? It's not just paper work?

    Whoa.. Mind = Blown!

    I can't deny that am writing this out of love for the country, and out of my utter hate for the system.. I don't oppose the dream of what this country was supposed to be, but i oppose the reality that's taking place that is no way close to what that dream aims for..

    All I can end my blog with is this: It's the little things, Saudi Arabia, that makes me love you, and at the same time see complete logic in shooting my brains out..


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