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    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Khawatir and Interfaith..

    To the none arabic viewers (i know you're out there, Google told me), the episode makes a comparison between the Islamic understanding of Interfaith and the social life of religions in one environment, and our modern somewhat backwards understanding.. Irony lays in how things were solved then, and how they started to get complicated to end up in the mess we're in now..

    The episode drops the bomb when Shugairi expresses his thoughts about why he doesn't approve of turning Aya Sophia church in Turkey to a mosque (comparing it to the caliphate Umar Ibn Al Khattab's story of building a mosque next to the church in Jerusalem)..

    Flame troll war in the comments section on Youtube? Sure, it's already ongoing :D

    i Just hope that it won't be taken out of context, straying away from the message sent in the episode..
    • Muslims should unite (Muslims and none-Muslims alike) against Aggression, despite of what religion or sect it follows..
    • Allowing Muslims to protest and reject that aggression publicly (showing an example from London), to give room for the peaceful freedom of expression..

    Khawatir is a 10+ minute TV series that airs every Ramadan right before Iftar time (our equivalent of Prime time TV), popularized by the simplicity of the show and the issues that many Muslim youth in the middle east (specifically) relate to daily.. 

    Ahmed Al Shugairi, a widely known public figure amongst Saudis (and Arabic Muslims in general).. And as you might expect from his bold approaches, the public backlash to some of his "loud" thoughts are not in his favor, yet this controversy is actually giving his words more impact..



    1. I must say Lou..
      it was eye opening to begin with, to understand the difference between Jew and Israel..
      and how we can unite together against the same cause we all believe in..
      what shocked me, is that just a week after what happened in Gazza, the strike began in London..

      what about in ksa, after a week what did we do really??
      we just sat and watched and cried..:/

      i think it's about time actions take measures..may this episode be a new chapter to something big.

    2. Well, two things happened:
      1. Some Saudis made an online website asking permission to protest (ruins the purpose if you ask me) and of course were not given a direct and clear answer..

      2. a Protest took place in 2008, and it didn't end well [ ]

      Many just left it at that, while I still can't see a valid reason why we should stop expressing what we feel, given that we're doing it peacefully, but i guess this an expected results when the process and the product are blurry and not fully understood..

      I remember asking for protests on the Jeddah Floods, and on the Flotilla Attacks, and i bring mention of this in probably most social gatherings.. No result,I suppose this also because no one has the time for the inconvenience afterwards (or no one actually reads this blog :D)..

      That's why, just like you, am really hoping this episode would spark the passion to speak out, rather then implode and cry infront of a TV screen doing nothing but cuss from the comfort of our living rooms..

      Here's hoping for change :) and maybe find enough supporters to actually DO that change..