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    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Colbert Meets Schmidt..

    Well, first things first, since i know a handful of you don't bother to make the jump.. Anyways, Mobily (the Saudi almost-leading Telecom company) has officially announced they'll start selling unlocked iPhone4 starting tomorrow (September 25th).. Nothing about the pricing, so you'll have to find out yourselves..

    Time to get those comfy shoes and wait in line, because from Twitter RT's, it might run out of stock by the end of this week (like what happened with the 3G and 3Gs)

    Anyways, now that we got that news out of the way, let's dive into last week..
    So, it seems that indeed DDoS attacks are the "Protests of the Future".. If you haven't heard:
    n an offense called “Operation Payback,” members of the Internet collective Anonymous have organized what seems to be anti anti-piracy movement. Dubbed by Torrent Freak as the ”protest of the future” the group has been pretty busy over the past 36 hours launching DDoS attacks on the MPAA, Indian anti-piracy site AiPlex Software and today both RIAA.comand The attacks are apparently in retaliation for comments the CEO of Aiplex software made about his firm being hired by the film industry to take down The Pirate Bay. -TechCrunch
    Of course, by now, those website are pretty much back online.. But i think it's the statement made by the move that matters most.. As a tweeter tweeted, "Now who owns the internet".. Copyrights law of the real world, allow me to introduce you the collective understanding of the online world..
    No lawyer, no injunction and no police force can stop these kind of attacks from happening and those carrying them out love the sense of power, the sense of payback they provide. -TorrentFreak

    I remember the days when Napster took a nose dive into "goodbye" land for taking part of those "Copyright Wars".. I wonder what would Napster be like if it was a 2010 start-up, with the semi-mature (or not) action/reaction to Copyrights.. Yet again, there's always time for a second chance, right?

    well, iThink so..
    Raise your hand if you remember gorging yourself at the feast that was Napster. After tough times and much retooling, Napster is now available for iOS devices (free) with a per-month subscription model. -TUAW
    a Note to iTunes : Streaming music is becoming "what all the cool kids do", so why not catch up to the train before "customer loyalty" kicks in to those existing in your app store? am just saying.. i already purchased -wink- my songs once, i want to stream them instead of make other subscriptions.. (naive assumption that iTunes would pitch in for free, i know)

    On a Security-related note, Google's latest "Two Factor Authentication" process is trying to improve your sense of security by making it that much harder for hackers/phishers to sneak in your inbox, and (if you opt to use it) that much tedious for you to make a quick account check.. In detail:
    The entire process only takes a minute or so, but it’s much more secure because anyone wanting to access your account will also need access to your mobile phone. You can opt to require this two-factor authentication all the time, or you can elect to only require it one time per computer (in other words, you’ll only need to enter it once on your home PC and/or work computer). -TechCrunch
    To many Facebook users, myself included, I've used the "Identify Computer" process and it's actually safer than your usual sign-in (but not as safe as a randomized code sent to your phone, like some banks do), and i think having a personal email seriously deserves this amount of attention.. It's the ease of the process that we got used to when it comes to emails that might make this a bit annoying.. But hey, do you really want hackers to get hold of your old emails with your ex? (made that security process a bit more easier to swallow, now did i ?)

    Speaking of making-life-easier, The ABC TV network is trying to be your cool/sociopathic friend who knows the names for all the show you watch.. Well, sort of..
    And you said iPad won't find an easy place in your living room.. Of course, given that you're in an area where that service is applicable, this is actually pretty interesting.. The idea is nice, but since no one watches TV in complete silence (unless you're a loner couch potato) i don't this working seamlessly though..

    We all know (and most haters can anonymously admit) that the iPad shot at a niche market that boomed once the 499$ gizmo found it's way to your hands.. Net'padding are a new market, Apple gave the cake, and now everybody wants a piece.. More competition is just more room for the next Apple iPad iteration to pick up from where the hype is around.. So far, Net Pads are about the features (copied or original).. This also applies to the new Samsung Tab (well, at least they didn't use the Pad title)

    All the features that we'd heard about and seen before are highlighted here: front-facing camera, Android Market, Flash support, etc. Sounds good! But even though the Galaxy Tab is 7 inches to the iPad's 9.7, and weighs about half as much, that still doesn't mean it's small enough to enough to carry around in your pants. Even more so if that's $1200 worth of hardware you could sit on at any moment. -Gizmodo
    What seems to stray away from the competition is one thing.. It's not the features that count, it's the package as an overall.. and the 1200 dollar price tag is not justifiable, compared to a better-looking, more text-reading-size compatible $499 counter part.. It's a great piece of work, but for me, the downpoints are already highlighted in the video : no iOS, no AppStore, too small to watch/read from..

    Google might've been the largest online company to brand a phone as its own (the NexusOne, incase it slipped your not-google-enabled memories), but it sure won't be the last.. Earlier this week, the rumor-o-meter was sky high around the next online-branded phone, and it was the Facebook Phone (key words : "rumor-o-meter" and "was")
    Our guess is that Facebook is working on something bigger, but we’re wary of declaring that it’s working on its own mobile operating system. That space is highly saturated, and unless Facebook has a revolutionary plan to deliver mobile ads more effectively than Apple or Google’s frameworks, the risk is too high for rewards so elusive.
    The Facebook response that we broke is PR damage control over a leak — we’ll buy that. But “deeper integration” is not that vague a concept. Facebook plans to work more closely with existing platforms, not create its own. -Mashable
    Personally, i think Facebook (given the right process of maturity) would probably grow to have it's own micro-reality of the web.. It's already aiming to be an internet data-base of users, and its hosting it's own "Facebook Connect" cancer, spreading around allot of other popular sites.. But now, at this time and age, i don't think a Facebook phone would be any use, especially that many are happy with their Facebook Apps (be it on whatever store your smart phone is on) and, to me, i really much appreciate it if Facebook realizes the existence of the iPad and get busy.. GET BUSY!!

    Update: However, a Facebook phone can be just a phone that is deeply dipped in Facebook sauce (yum?)..

    Speaking of Rumors, Two more are heading your way.. First stop, Apple took a slice this week..

    The patent abstract explains, “Hand held devices with multiple touch sensing devices are disclosed. The touch sensing devices may for example be selected from touch panels, touch screens or touch sensitive housings.”
    The array of different sensors will allow Apple to get rid of even more buttons and to deliver context-specific controls. For example, if you hold your iPad with one hand then you could see all controls for the device suddently situate themselves in easy reach of that one hand. -9to5Mac
    I still remember when this feature was rumored before, to be on the iPhone4, and it was shot down on launch day.. Now, it seems to have surfaced again to be on the next iPad.. The patent is already bought, that's a fact, but how much space are we playing around here to see this anytime soon? I still think that many Apple Techies are following a specific law of attraction, rumor something about Apple long and hard enough and Steve will make it happen.. In that case, Touch Sensitive ear buds that mute once swiped twice, please :) !

    Second stop is actually heading towards Mozilla?.. Those who gave FireFox to the world are heading towards your pockets (and they're a bit more confirmed than Facebook's phone thingy)

    mind = blown :)

    More about Facebook this week, it seems that Steve Jobs won't be soaring high anymore (financially).. Because, according to Forbes (assuming you didn't make the thought link between keywords) :
    This year, Zuckerberg, 26, added $4.9 billion to his fortune–vaulting to #35 on the Forbes 400 with an estimated fortune of $6.9 billion. Why the jump? Recent private equity investments in Facebook valued the firm at around $23 billion–more than triple its 2009 value of $7 billion. Illiquid private shares in secondary markets point to an even richer valuation. -Forbes
    The more people buy Apple, the more people will log on Facebook, the more money the whiz-kid will get in his pockets.. Shallow-yet-very-entertaining ananlogy? Why thank you!

    Funny, when money comes up, Google has to pop up somewhere..

    The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
    Eric Schmidt
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    Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants people to remember that when you post something online, computers will remember it forever. -TheColbertReport
    Errm... (._.') Skynet called, and wants its world domination strategy back! 

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