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    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Al Jazeera? Quick Question : WTF?!

    To those who don't speak the lingo, the news report is giving "breaking news" on a possible TV overtake by Israeli Mossad, in attempt to brainwash the Arabs during the month of Ramadan with a fake message of peace.. According to the news anchor, the woman has "Israeli" features..


    I seriously don't know what to say.. I'm a bit torn between how hilarious and how extremely sad this is..

    Ok, let me address this in points (easier to digest):
    • For the "Authenticity and Quality" checkers in the Al Jazeera media room: Seriously, with your huge media knowledge (or supposedly huge, since you're a news company and all) never heard of that 80's show "V" ? Yeah, well if you did, an am not joking here (despite popular belief) that thing that over took the TV broadcast is a 2009 remake!!!  [Face Plam here please]
    • When was it a credible news source to quote a political almost-tabloid'ish newspaper (al Qabas)? Slow news day?
    • Is this some sort of April's fool gag? But April is a bit far away.. More like 6+ months away (that's almost half a year for those who can't tell)
    • Did you check with MBC before you made that report? You know, the channel that was hacked?
    Which brings me to my last point..
    • MBC Group you devil you.. Is this a publicity stunt? You scared us, the poor self-victimizing Arabs.. I mean, everything evil and bad happening to us is done by the Mossad, it's a Forwarded-email fact you know.. But, nice job, got the buzz you needed.. I saw the show back in the 80's when I was a kid, and it was one of the best sci-fi's i saw (maybe because i was a kid?) and i didn't see the new one.. So, it better be good.. IT BETTER!!

    YouTubers over here are currently buzzing with theories and reposts of the video and how the devious Mossad slipped into our living rooms.. Nothing beats a good dosage of crap to kick our paranoia back in action..

    *sigh* -_-




      sadly the show i heard was not up to the mark,and ABC cancelled it after some time,not sure though.

    2. Well, it was titled as the best in the Genre back in the day.. I know there was some production issues, but I know it was continued.. This is about the 80's series of course.. I didn't follow the new re-imagining of the story (supposedly a continuation)

      So, yeah.. V is the mossad..

      I'm still in a laughing shock..

    3. LOOOOL!!!!
      AL Jahel moseeeebaaaaaaaa

    4. OMG epic FAIL!!!! xD
      seriously, doesnt get any more self victimizing than this!