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    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    a Ramadan Meditation.. Sort of..

    Every year, Ramadan has it's usual share of food-frenzy (the face stuffing event of the year, ironically), the silly flat-minded TV shows, and of course, the short nerve endings of everyone who uses "Fasting" as a coat-hanger for being jerks..

    I seriously can't find the Ramadan i had when i was 10 years old.. Maybe it's nostalgia or maybe it's the sweet memories of yesteryear, but Ramadan is becoming a month where it reflects how sad we've become, How shallow we've become, and how far are we obsessing over the "physical" in a "spiritual" month..

    I had a loud conversation the other day with a friend of mine who seems to wear a thobe, a hat, a miswak and subha (Islamic rosary) because he doesn't feel Ramadan if he doesn't do such and such.. In other cases, we can't feel it's Ramadan until we cook the same fat-saturated food every single year, drink the same extremely-sweetened drinks every single year, and assume (in some dark corner of our brains) that dressing in a certain way would make Ramadan feel more "Ramadan'ish"..

    Am not saying we're completely messed up, am just saying that we're putting too much into a month that we're losing touch of it's essence more and more..

    Ramadan is all about the good deeds, i know.. But what use are these deeds if not to pray Allah that they stick with us longer than the month itself? What use if they only exist on this month and almost disappear in any other month?

    I read the Quran, almost from cover to cover, I didn't find one single verse or Aya that links those deeds with Ramadan exclusively.. And I sometimes wonder if the early Muslims thought and acted the same way? or was Ramadan a month where you "personally" connect with your creator, praying your nights and fasting your days?

    Somehow, we feel spiritually inclined to keep our good sides on "idle" until the next Ramadan.. What if you die the night before Ramadan? What would matter most in your opinion? Intending to do, then not? or intending to do, then do?

    Ramadan doubles the Hasanat of your good deeds? But think about that sentence.. There has to be a deed to be doubled to begin with.. That same deed that is none-existent  with many of us all year long..

    Ramadan is a a single 30-day duration of deeds out of 365 days.. Just imagine 365 days of Ramadan.. 365 days:

    . Of acting like civil human beings in considering one another?
    Instead of ignoring each other, and not even consider smiling at one another when a regular day passes us by.. Instead of being on "Attack or be Attacked" by default, rather than "expect the good in those you meet"..

    . Of being socially active and involved that we self-fund our own charity campaigns?
    While it seems to slip our minds that poor people are poor all year long.. Giving them food and shelter one month a year won't last them enough through the remainder of that year.. The need for help is never gone, and the fact we only see it once a year tells allot of our perception..

    . Of being spiritual about our prayers (and maybe attending a few at that deserted mosque near your house, maybe?)

    . Of being there for our families?
    All it takes is to visit once a week at least, and god knows how many spend months away from each other..

    . Of watching socially concerned media?
    Would Khawatir's (or any similar show's) impact be any larger if it was something seen every now and then, other than being set one time a year? or are we supposed to be socially concerned only on Ramadan? 

    See, that's the sad thing.. Some think we do..

    I know am no different.. Here i am feeling spiritually preachy during Ramadan, but i'm more than welling to be the change i want to see, and am just blogging my mind out..

    Some choose to face the problem, while for others it seems that denial is more of a comfort zone than to realize that Our understanding of Ramadan is a true manifestation of how unspiritual we're slowly becoming..

    For me, call me greedy, but i sure would like have those 365 days of Ramadan (ok, maybe not 365 days of Ramadan fasting.. People drive like maniacs while dehydrated :P)..


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    1. Ramadan is the beat that a Muslim could get from Allah and we should pray for peace