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    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Obama, Free Homaidan..

    Note: The video is in Arabic, but the Closed Captions work very well for none-arabic viewers..
    A personal message for the public to hear..

    I can't say more than what the video has to say about itself.. Beautifully produced, it sends a plea from the Saudi citizens to President Obama to release Homaidan Al-Turki, a Saudi prisoner on American soil since August 31st '06.. This can be considered as the first attempt of it's kind for the Saudi citizens to "film" an open letter to another country..

    The video shows recorded messages from various prominent national figures, including Turki Al-Dakheel, Nawaf Al-Temyat Sheikh Salman Al-Ouda, Shiekh Hassan Al-Saffar and the video's main highlight: Ruba Al-Turki, Homaidan's daughter..

    The campaign sends out an emotional plea, with reference to similar situations that happened all through modern American presidency regarding different types of terrorists.. Which is ironic to compare the weaponized nature of those terrorist, to the doubtful imprisonment of Homaidan.. The message is clear and doesn't stray away from sensationalizing the issue, especially with the production highlighting the words of Homaidan's daughter.. 

    The video was directed by a good friend of mine, AlMuhannad Al-Kadam.. With a classy touch that sets an amazing standard in Saudi Amateur Video production, he just keeps getting better and better Masha'allah.. Some may know him from Microsoft's ImagineCup2010, the "Dreaming Spirits" team, which finished Second Place as the only Middle Eastern finalist in his category..

    Personally, I wish if the video focused on either being completely political, or completely emotional without any political reference.. Because you can tell that YouTube trolls are already having a flame war across both borders..

    But again, it's just my personal preference, and that won't change the impact the video is already making all over Saudi Social circles, hopefully creating enough of a buzz to be heard..


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