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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Makkah Skylines..


    "..It's really sad to see Money as a driving force to re-invent the city again, more the wellbeing of it's existing culture and people..

    And to actually put a Big Ben in our faces, and try to Alladin'ize it with some Islamic Fantasia architecture, will deliver Makkah, one of islam capitals, into a hollow capitalistic skyline..

    Best/worst thing is, the business owners of most of these buildings are directly/indirectly related to those who should be the caretakers of the wellbeing of the place.. Look at it now, great work, eh?

    To make things even worse, there is absolutely NO consideration whatsoever to any urban design precautions/principles/etc.. You name it, they ignored it.. The height of the building is not proportional with the surrounding 2 lane streets, and the risk studies seem to be none-existent.. If the tower falls, due to structure miscalculation, earthquake, or an explosive surrounding building, can you draw a chart of the damage scale for the complete area?
    Greed is Glory i guess.."



    1. Makkah has been made even more beautiful thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudis are the best and are doing an excellent job as the custodians of Makkah and Madinah.

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