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    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Just thought you should know..

    Hello, silent reader(s) from beyond the monitors.. I come with news..

    For many of you, it might've been a bless, but for the some of you who did notice (and care enough to follow my tweets), am not as active as you might expect (or fear, based on some touchy hate mail)..

    I did tweet a while back about the possibility of cancellation of my usual TechUpdates, but am not so sure yet.. Generally, i think it will stay.. One thing that made me postpone the whole thing for weeks now, is the piles of unread RSS feeds that increase beyond control (350+ so far), so am thinking i might just ditch them, maybe highlight a few, and start a new update.. I'll take your silence as a nod of approval..

    I've been quiet for so long, and i owe you guys an explanation of some sort..

    One, there's a moderately interesting "decision" that i have to take about "something", and I personally consider it as "big news".. If i could be more vague, i'd have a special on the Twilight Zone :D

    Two, Since the series is done (for now), I already got my hands busy with a condensed Ramadan (especially the slow paced settling in am going through, but at least i got my Wifi and PS3 ready, so am almost done lol).. 

    But honestly, I think i got my hand busy into something new that I don't know what it is exactly.. You know those long bathroom breaks that cancel any noise and suddenly a Chinese gong!? Yeah, i got one of those (or a very serious case of bad baleela) and this was the result:

    I think it's a bad crossbreed of situational comedy, bad puns, and maybe some shots at the annoying stereotypes that i keep on coming across.. My shrink told me to find a way to visualize my hate, i guess i took the term too literally..
    Nas Bee'9 (eggy people) is a local-social joke.. This series, however, is about people who happen to be eggs (act like eggs?), so it's not really an insult.. See? Bad pun right there!! (insert gasp of fear here)

    At first, i wanted to keep the project anonymous, but I temporarily stopped working on it, and went back to the drawing boards.. I do need a flash animator and a co-writer, but i guess those will just have to wait until i sort out the conceptuals.. And if you thought working through Ramadan day is a norm-excuse, try to work at night  (since families are so so considerate about personal space during this month).. So, for now, the project didn't start yet, so you can let go of your breaths :)

    Anyways, that's it for now.. Hopefully, i'll get around posting a TechUpdate this week, so wish me luck guys.. And seriously, i know some of you are forgetting this, but the comments are free and require no subscription fees (despite the rumors), so feel free to talk publicly.. I can't get around answering the 3 of 4 fan mail that i get every millennium..



    1. ai,i kinda like your blog! do post them always on facebook! Oops! if that bothers you!

    2. I'm trying to find a way to link a blog feed to my page in facebook.. Can't seem to get it to work properly..

      Working on it, and thanks :D

    3. And who,my friend,told you that cancelling Tech update is up to you?
      i dare you.