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    Friday, July 30, 2010

    Time Out..

    Unless you're following my tweets, you're in for a treat.. Am not going to be around for a week or so (hopefully not longer than two weeks), so haters? Rejoice!!

    But seriously, my wife got a job in KAUST, and we're in the process of moving that much further up north, and I'll be blogging regularly from our new house.. Am pretty excited actually (if you read my previous KAUST blog).. Between the sweet smell of boxes and packing up junk I didn't think I had, and with me almost finishing my visual diaries project, am pretty much swamped..

    I wont be able to post a TechUpdate this friday, despite being a pretty huge tech week.. But I will post highlights in a chunky Update next week.. It's a good time to stray away from the blog by next weekend :p

    Other than that, that's the "down low".. Wish me luck, guys, and I'll see when things settle down..

    p.s. Blogger finally has some kind of retard support to iPad blogging (where's the rich text editor? Because editing works only in raw HTML) so, yeah, that's as updated as I can offer lol..


    1. mm good .
      moving again??? pfft
      always on the move... well wishes bastardo

      read you later

    2. Exciting stuff !

      by the way, I love your rambling! can't wait for the next one

      All the best to you.


    3. @karlos
      Keyondas, carlitos!

      Am always on the run, amigo.. Are you planning to visit our cartel in Saudi Arabia? Give a call bendijo.. Jajaja..

      Always a pleasure to have you around, bro.. :D