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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Blinded, Because We Care..

    It's not part of ancient history (yet) that the local media announced the King's intentions to publicly pursue bringing the flood culprits of Jeddah to court, and finally set the wheels of justice back in motion..

    Meanwhile, being that there is no equally-public updates about that trial, the families of the victims are on hold.. What else can they do about this? Protest (or ask permission to protest)?

    However, a couple of days ago, the wheels of justice seemed to be working just fine.. (am using the word "fine" loosely)

    MAKKAH: A prisoner at a Makkah reformatory allegedly lost his eyesight after he was whipped before being medically examined, his younger brother told Arab News on Friday.
    "My eldest brother was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. He had suffered from a stroke and was whipped while sitting on his wheelchair. While being whipped, he became blind," Ali Muhammad alleged.
    Muhammad said his brother was sentenced about eight months ago on charges of fraud and ordered to serve a six-month prison sentence, in addition to 150 lashes, to be applied on three separate occasions.   
    The prisoner himself is a PR disaster for the responsible authority.. (PR is something that we couldn't care less about in our country) 
    Al-Suhali said he sat with the prisoner. "He is paralyzed, blinded and neglected. He is also suffering from poverty as he cannot support his mother and underage brothers," he said.
    He added that the victim's debts had reached more than SR350,000 and that the landlord kicked his mother, a cancer patient, and his brothers out of their rented apartment. -ArabNews

    So, despite the prisoner's jail time, shouldn't there be any responsible entity (points in a certain direction) that opts to save his innocent family? or are they accessories to his crime?

    And to flog a guy on a wheel chair?

    At this point, anything makes sense..

    It was narrated from ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) that he said: Moderate blows with a moderate whip. Not so harsh as to kill and not so weak as to be no deterrent. He should not raise his arm completely, or keep it so low that it causes no pain. Ahmad said: His armpit should not show in any of the hudood punishments, i.e., he should not raise his arm so high, because the point is to discipline him, not kill him. From al-Mughni, 1/141-142. 
    Apparently, the whole purpose of flogging is a warning to those who might follow the criminal's path, and the given amount of pain that might come from it.. It's not the flogging itself, it's the reason and public display of the flogging..

    How severe was this prisoner flogged? while sitting on his wheelchair? and to the upper part of his shoulders?

    Do we have a fondness for being recipes of disaster?

    Apart from what seems to be a heinous crime that might be a threat to national security (or how it would seem from the severity of things), it seems like what this guy did is no different from the same "fraudulent" con artists who shaped the cities we love (if not greater in damage).. I mean, we're talking about thieves, con artists, corrupt people who contracted more damage in a single day's rain..

    I don't mean, in any way, to reduce the amount of damage this prisoner did, but the scales are not balanced..

    What shame comes from this? The fact that our ideology of justice applies to some while the others are "still being questioned"? And in Islam's capital?

    I waited for any glimpse of news or even an SMS rumor that tells of the government's reaction to the story.. As it seems, silence has a louder noise than the state of denial we're in..

    The wheels of justice halt at the presence of those wealthy enough to afford their own laws and rules, while it simply grinds everyone else.. What's the moral of this story? Do we even care about that anymore?

    Sadly, It tells more in context than it's pathetic content has to offer.. This bigger picture we're drawing is not pretty, and it seems it won't be, if we keep ignoring the one simple logical and basic fact:

    Justice applies to everyone, despite your family name or the geographic location of your bank account..

    The NSHR member said he met with a committee composed of the prison doctor, the director of the prison's health center, the health supervisor and the supervisor of the prison ward and ascertained that the whipping had been carried out before the prisoner had been examined by a doctor.
    He alleged that the doctor had denied signing a report by the prison's management claiming the victim was medically examined before being whipped.

    Can you spell "Corruption"?

    No seriously, can you spell corruption? because we need to establish that it's there..

    Am proud to say that we're all flogged by ignorance, and it rendered us more blind than the Makkah Prisoner.. Have a happy summer vacation at your overseas retreats..


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