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    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    You're Doing it Wrong..

    No, that's not what she said, am sorry.. That's actually what Steve Jobs said.. 

    Just follow the link and keep those smarty-pants remarks to minimal..

    Notice the little "in your face" Apple sent to Google?

    As Apple closed it's market cap to almost quarter of a trillion, Right this moment, and since the first day of it's launch, 1.4+ millions of people are messing around their newly-delivered iPhone 4's, basking in Apple's glory in awe and amazement, as they hold one of the world's greatest marvels in their hands..

    Or i might just be over-glorifying it, trying to ease the nightmare of your increasing chances to break your iPhone.. The iPhones are in, the results are in, and they're not as Glossy as you wish..

    The iPhone 4 is has been commercially released, and so far:

    • The glass exterior may be un'scratchable, but that doesn't render it unbreakable..
    • Yellow spots on your retina-display, assumed to be still-wet glue that will fade away (in theory)..
    There were reports of other issues that iPhone users are facing.. One of which, the signal dropping 2 to 3 bars once you "hold it the wrong way"..
    Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases. -Steve Jobs ,via Engadget
    Many didn't believe those claims and chose to blame the design.. As it turns out, Steve was right afterall on this one..

    Another software issue that seemed to puzzle more users, the disappearance of the "Hold" function and it's replacement with the "FaceTime" button instead.. It turns out..
    Hold doesn’t do anything more than Mute. -Steve Jobs, via TechCrunch
    Despite all those horrors that lurk around AppleStores, these days, it seems that the Apple product-failure rate is on the decrease..
    Bad news iPhone fans as it seems over 25 per cent of iPhones break down within two years, according to Computerworld, though this is actually an improvement on before and not bad as an industry average, a firm involved in repairing the devices has claimed.

    Allegedly the iPhone 3GS is more reliable than the 3G, but critics are concerned that the iPhone 4’s glass back could become a problem. -9to5Mac
    So between this seemingly common issue, and the other hardware failures, the iPhone 4 is having a blast in Sales, and a bigger blast in Sales feedback.. Will the phone live up to it's hype despite of those? or be in another hype because of those? I guess we'll find out..

    User privacy has always been a concern, and it's always under close supervision.. Have no doubt, in whatever shape and form, user data is always collected for "Development" and "statistical" purposes.. However, it's the way this data is collected that gives me the creeps..

    Earlier this week, Apple changed some of it's privacy terms and conditions, allowing the company to have specific data on it's users (given that the users shall remain anonymous, so they say)
    Location-Based Services
    To provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device. This location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by Apple and our partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services. For example, we may share geographic location with application providers when you opt in to their location services.
    Some location-based services offered by Apple, such as the MobileMe “Find My iPhone” feature, require your personal information for the feature to work. -Apple via Consumerist
    So there you go, you won't be able to download any app from the appstore unless you agree on those new terms and services.. Apple is watching you..

    And they're not the only ones.. 

    The remote application removal feature is one of many security controls Android possesses to help protect users from malicious applications. In case of an emergency, a dangerous application could be removed from active circulation in a rapid and scalable manner to prevent further exposure to users. While we hope to not have to use it, we know that we have the capability to take swift action on behalf of users’ safety when needed. -Android Developers
    So yeah, maybe those applications were malicious and bin-ladin like, but there's something about remotely accessing YOUR machine and making judgements from YOUR behalf without a legal update or announcement or action to consider, just doesn't feel right.. I don't know, maybe it's my paranoia, but i think Google would make Skynet proud..

    In more Google-related news, in a recent stat released by ComScore, YouTube is now topping the charts as biggest online source of media, in terms of content (14.5 million+ videos), and users (144 million+ users)..
    Other notable findings from May 2010 include:
    • The top video ad networks in terms of their actual reach delivered were: Joost Video Network (by Adconion Media Group) with 35.2 percent penetration of online video viewers, BrightRoll Video Network with 24.4 percent, and Tremor Media Video Network with 21.2 percent.
    • 84.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
    • 144.1 million viewers watched 14.6 billion videos on (101.2 videos per viewer).
    • The average Hulu viewer watched 27.0 videos, totaling 2.7 hours of video per viewer.
    • The duration of the average online video was 4.3 minutes   -via ComScore
    Now that those numbers are put into perspective, i think you might reconsider uploading a video-recorded prank on Youtube.. Or were those stats an even better reason to do so?

    Hulu, on the other hand, is aiming to score more audience by directly targeting living rooms.. Well, PS3 enabled living rooms, that is..
    According to its anonymous sources, Reuters reports that PSN users would be able to access Hulu’s content—including TV shows from NBC, Fox, and ABC—after paying for a subscription. Earlier reports priced that rumored Xbox 360 service at about $10 a month, which would be right in line with the low end of competitor Netflix’s streaming offerings. Sony and Hulu have yet to respond, though it’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything from the two companies unless (or until) a partnership is announced. -GameInformer

    I'm sure many know about Steam's finally porting out games for the Mac platform.. Because of this, I was able to catch up on some computer gaming, and finally was able to play Portal.. Everything was going fine, and the amazingly CHEAP game sales on the Steam market was tempting enough to bankrupt me..

    However, it seems that that match made in heaven was too good to last through Apple's 10.6.4 recent update..
    The recent 10.6.4 update from Apple has noticeable performance issues for NVidia graphic chip owners running high performance games. If you wish to avoid this, you should consider waiting to install the 10.6.4 update until Apple has had the opportunity to address this issue. Full details of what is contained in the 10.6.4 update can be found here: If you have already installed this update and believe your graphic performance is affected, please contact Apple support ( for details on what to do. -CultOfMac
    On a brighter side of gaming, Valve's Counter Strike's source is now natively available for Mac..
    Just in case you missed it yesterday, Counter-Strike is now available ... wait for it ... for the Mac. Yes, possibly the most premiere PC game of all time is now playable (specifically the Source version) natively on the Mac, thanks to Valve's own Steam distribution service. And it's another Steam Play title, which means that if you own it on the PC (which you probably do if you've ever played FPS games in your life), you can download and play it right now on the Mac as well. You can even play cross-platform, so your buddies on the PC can finally let you into their clan -- assuming you're leet enough. -TUAW
    Being that i over-played this game during my university days, isn't it a bit too late? I don't know, maybe it's just me..

    It's commonly known that popularity always leads to exposure, and exposure usually leads to a movie director knocking on your door.. It might not be true in YOUR case, but it is true for Mark Zuckerberg..

    Given all the recent privacy uproar over Facebook, this Fall’s Facebook movie, The Social Network (adapted for the screen by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher), is going to be all the more interesting. Today, the first official poster for the movie has been unveiled on the movie’s website. It’s an eye-grabbing poster, but it’s also interesting because it implies that Facebook has 500 million users before the network has officially announced that. -TechCrunch
    It was somehow expected that Social Networking would actually garner this much attention, but to the extent of having it's own blockbuster title? Or becoming so popular to the extent of REALLY tweeting your mind out?

    Where is all this heading to?
    - food for thought -

    So, What was the highlights of YOUR week? 

    p.s. Did you guys check the Mobily iPhone app? Just thought i'd let you know and all XD


    1. man,u know i made a reservation for the ipad and i flew here before i get it..and on the way back i was like eeh may be i should wait for ipad 2.0 with the missing features coming out with it.

      this video makes me think again.
      great post,yet again lou,keep em coming.

    2. What are you mostly looking forward to in the next iPad? the front camera or the retina display?