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    Monday, June 7, 2010

    WWDC '10 - Summary..

    Well, the keynote is over.. and i like to take the chance to really apologize for confusion about the timing of the event.. I said it was 9pm, while it turned out it was 8pm (lucky me, i was around my feeds at 8:30).. I want to blame the blogs that said the event would start around 6 GMT, but i should've double checked.. My bad, and again, towzand apologies..


    Well? Get in..

    Earlier today, i posted a summary of my own expectations that i wanted to see in this WWDC event.. And since this is the first day, am not going to rush into conclusion that the rumors are fully debunked (most of them at least).. So, i'll keep a look out for any news about any more updates.. Because it's either one of two scenarios (DUH):

    1. This is it (highly probable).. There will be no more news on the WWDC or any software/hardware editions.. Which goes back to my advice "don't over hype the event, to avoid disappointment"..

    2. There's a small chance that there might be some other keynote ahead (not so highly).. The tech blogs that attended the event didn't seem to bring it up, so i'll keep my eyes on them.. For you.. see? i care.. i mean, iCare (inside joke, explained later on).. That was it, i guess..

    Steve? You're not a mobile making company, ONLY.. So, try to remember that there are other products we want to see get in shape before the end of this year..

    One thing for sure, the iPhone 4G is official.. It's the iPhone 4.. Yup, they dropped the G.. Despite the fact that there are already 4 actual iPhones, the keynote focused on milestones achieved.. The new iPhone seems like a healthy evolution of an already successful platform, and just when you think there are enough features in the machine, the iPhone 4 just made room for the future.. Visually, and Physically..

    These are some of the highlights that seem (to me, at least) worth mentioning (feel free to check the whole script at Engadget)

    I have to admit, ever since the first video leaks of the iPhone prototype, i really wished they wouldn't change much of what we saw before.. I, for one, really inlove with the minimalist design approach chosen to skillfully stuff as much features as possible, more than all 4 phones combined, in a form that is 24% thinner than the latest release.. I mean, you have to admit, the engineering put into the machine is superb, and they made use of every single square inch they can find.. And i mean, REALLY make use..

    For example..

    You wouldn't think that smart phone in your hand would get any simpler, this just stacks complexity in 5 buttons.. Steve, you made Van Der Rohe proud, because truly, Less is more.. Way more than i expected.. And with the A4 horsepower stacked beneath, the machine just became as strong as any in the competition.. Put in mind that Apple's Software would definitely make the best out of their own custom hardware..

    To What extent, you say? Well..

    I was actually shocked when i saw that logo.. Already, with the iPhone 3Gs, you can take high quality video, quickly trim it, and then share via different outlets.. Now, with the new specs, you can take that a step higher with even more power, more pixels, more flexibility and more options to quickly customize your video, on the go, while you're still at the event.. Of course, i won't expect high quality editing, but iMovie on a phone? Come on, that HAS to be something on the "Wow" scale.. And based on the reactions from all tech blogs, the videos looked as stunning as you'd think a High-Def camera would achieve..

    Anyways, want to hear a Funny story? Since i spent months and months researching and preparing for my iPad, i already bought the apps that am going to sync with it.. One of which is a powerful PDF reader, with good syncing abilities, a gorgeous practical UI and a way to store it in a neat fashion.. What's so funny?

    PDF's will be natively supported by the iPad.. That was my "Oh BLEEP" moment.. Can i get my 4.99$ back? please?

    Now that we got that tragic, dramatizing and almost heart-burning tale out of the way, let's proceed with the highlights..

    Graphics already look gorgeous on iPhones, and even more gorgeous on iPads.. Now, we're talking about something that has more pixels than your eye can handle.. 26 pixels over the top, and that will definitely make your photos stand out.. It would actually make the web (and HD video) stand out..

    And Finally came, the OneMoreThing(tm).. It was Facetime.. The video did show interesting concepts about the way we might use video conferencing, given the new much-more portable platform, but still.. From this point onward, this blog is going to criticize..


    1. Although the service seems polished and refined from any regular video conferencing application on your computer, delivering it in a similar-glossy way on your phone is not that big of deal.. We're talking about the same infrastructure (maybe better in Apple's case, since it's an iPhone 4 only dedicated service) and just a new UI with the apple gloss.. What's new? Making what people got used to, on 3G, free on WiFi only.. To me, video calling seems more of a niche than a "Oh my god, this is really happening, finally".. I was excited about it once (yes, i said excited) and now it doesn't seem to excite anymore..

    2. I'd understand if they would restrict the service to iPhones only, and that is not new to the Apple way of thinking.. I mean, look at the iChat module in its early days.. I actually deleted iChat once i bought my MB 13" white, because i saw it as useless and very narrow scoped compared to ooVoo and Skype.. I know Apple is a community, and we stick together, but not to the extent of being a cult.. And it seems like Apple didn't learn it's lessons from restricting (and single handedly killing) it's service, like iChats dropping popularity, despite the amazing glossy interface..

    3. On an almost similar point.. FaceTime? really? poking fun at HammerTime? Whoever is behind the title generating process, he/she/they/it (maybe?) should really consider getting out of the Apple bubble.. I mean, i can let iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, iTouch, iAd, iCEO, iTunes, iMovie, iWeb slide.. ummm.. Where was i?

    Oh yeah.. ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN I'S!!!

    4. Apple, i like you and all, but if there is no more updates other than the Phone, you overhyped yourselves into a big mess.. Fix it.. NOW!!

    So, in the end, to be fair, i'm really excited about the iPhone and the approaching date of the new iOS (gawd, help me), and already looking deep into my pockets to see the future plans.. Of course, am lucky that my wife isn't into technology as much as i am, so my devious financial plans might be safe here.. Right?

    Anyways, the iPhone 4 WAS too much for one day, i liked it, and and i'll post a link to the keynote's video as soon as Apple releases any media.. Let's see if anything surfaces during the next few days, in the mean time, dear anonymous and almost-too-quite readers..

    What were YOUR highlights? and what do you think of the iPhone 4?


    [update: No official media of the keynote is released yet]
    [update: It turns out, that's all the WWDC had in store this year.. Just an iPhone announcement, and the release of a beta iTunes 9.x (which is nothing like the rumor, just another update) and the premature release of Safari 5 (tried it this morning, faster and has an Easy Read feature that is extremely helpful to the article-reading fiends who strive on the data, since it gives the option to view text only and no ads.. InstaPaper Pro iPad app, in other words) ]

    [update: WWDC's full keynote can be found here (youtube link), here (Apple official).. I recommend you stream it off of youtube, because the m4a file is 1.4 GB..]


    1. Did Jobs Mention anything about the leaks?
      any mentions of iOS4 on ipad?
      when did they say the iphone will be released?
      any mention on AT&T contract end and switching to verizon or somthing?

      i guess it also run a MicroSim...but i wanna know if its also encrypted or they are only depending on the microsim as a way to keep it to AT&T.

      Somehow, i expected more from the wwdc... like new OSX and Mac Pro.

    2. @Chet
      Thanks =D

      Well, the iOS4 was mentioned that it would be available for the iPad around Fall of this year (announced during the iPhone 0S 4.0 keynote a couple of months ago), so it's coming for sure, just rebranded as iOS.. As for iPhones and iPods, the software will be available 21st of June..

      As for the new iPhone, the preorders will start on the 15th, and the official release would be 24th of June (one day after you, hence why i asked when you're coming back :( )..

      Nothing about the contract, just AT&T rolling out their new plans (which include a no-commitment plan, pricing the phone around 500$ and more, similar to the Mobily price here in Saudi)..

      There was many articles on why Apple chose the Microsim, and it's basically to save up space, and to stay ahead of the competition since MicroSims are inevitable.. Plus, that's also to follow the iPad's micro as well, and thus, nothing was mentioned if the midgetSim has any super powers.. On the contrary, many cut down their regular SIMS and they worked fine with iPads..

      If you read my WarmUp blog, i posted a list of humble expectations.. All were shot, except for the iPhone, and some hidden announcements about the new Safari (which has nothing major, just faster and slimmer, but same UI, same old safari, with more love for HTML5 and CSS3)..

    3. hmm...i just read also they are planning to downgrade the data plan to 2GB instead of unlimited,i dont know how if that will be a good move or not,as i rather have the unlimited.

      ill be getting it as soon as i come back from saudi,by then ill be qualified,for a discounted upgrade.

    4. From a business and service point of view, it's pretty wise..

      Mobily started offering a similar service for almost 4 months now (maybe more), and it gives 1GB for 100SR..

      The bandwidth is distributed over all users, and from statistics, 90% of the users use the net casually through their phones (which doesn't exceed a 1GB usage) and the 10% who are the niche draining the network, affecting everyone else.. So, charge everyone according to their usage, because the network does suffer quality dropping during peak times..

      Why pay for an unlimited plan, when you end up using half a GB? i mean, i've been using Mobily's package for 2 months now and with my usage (Push Notify Facebook+twitter+mail, casual surfing + rare youtube usage) and i reached a 650 MB download rate by the end of the month.. It's economic, and it makes sure the bandwidth stays smooth..

    5. any trouble with Safari 5?
      my arabic text is messed up...all the tanween stuff appear as boxes.