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    Monday, June 7, 2010

    WWDC '10 - Get Ready!

    Today (around 9pm) Apple will host it's World Wide Developer's Conference, and there are more spotlights on Apple this year than previous years..

    This is almost similar to the hype around Apple when the first rumored iPhone was soon to be announced in 2007.. However, times have changed.. The competition has become more fierce, and the technology is spread out all around to the extent that Apple really needs to blow minds this time (both as consumers and Wall Street) to prove that they still got it.. And this year was intense for Apple, with the rumor leaks and the ongoing controversies with competitors, This seems like a big event for Apple (and it's enthusiast, of course)..

    What we should expect this time, is either an awesome confirmation (or a drastic debunking) to all the rumors that served as hype incentives.. Mostly, we're looking at the following checklist (after the jump):

    1. The iPhone 4G: Due to the leaked prototype, the hype around that gadget is heading both ways (positive and negative) in terms of "we already know what we're expecting" and "we want to see the final form of the phone".. And in this field, Apple really needs to either roll out a new service, a new software feature (since not all OS 4.0 were disclosed in the keynote) and maybe introduce a new feature that would set them ahead.. Personally, i doubt that would happen in any major way, so i'll keep you posted.. [CONFIRMED]

    2. The iTunes Cloud: Which is probably not going to be any sort of big news, especially with Apple's known acquisition of Lala (an online music sharing/streaming service).. Personally, am not sure how that service would help apple, but i know it would help consumers to take some music load off their iPods, and use that storage for more Apps and other Multimedia Content.. [PENDING]

    3. MobileMe: Rumors about the service becoming free sure gathered some attention, which is actually interesting to speculate on.. A free cloud storage service for all your iDevices, which proves crucial, especially that there's more demand for it with the world-wide spread of the iPad..[PENDING]

    4. iPod touch + Camera: Which was a disappointment in the iPad and OS 4.0 keynotes, since there were many leaks during those events about a camera addition (way overdue).. Of course, this might not be a highpoint to many tech followers, but it sure sounds more logical to add a camera to a touch interface phone (rather than a Nano camera, which is neat, but still)..[PENDING]

    5. Apple TV: Apple really needs to get a grip of that market, or it should completely let go and shoot down the TV console, because it doesn't seem to live up to the consumer demand created by the competition (mainly, Google TV)..[PENDING]

    6. Mac Pro: Many actually forgot those machines ever existed, because they demanded an update for almost a year now, and this might prove to be the turning point.. Apple will either introduce more power, to it's already powerful PPC's, or would just shoot the hopes down by adding Blu-Ray support and keep it at that..[PENDING]

    7. OS X 10.6.4 (or 10.7??): This WWDC would be a great chance for Apple to blow everyone away with a new feline to be added to the family.. Speculations and rumors about this reached a steady level (with all the rumors and leaks all around) and many are not anticipating anything to be added.. However, a recent blog observation by TechCrunch shows a rising number of 10.7 visitors to the blog (via Google Analytics), and we should expect either a major update to SnowLeopard, or a drastic upgrade to a new OS.. Saber-tooth, maybe?[PENDING]

    So, that is almost the big points that should be finally revealed today.. And with my previous experience with Apple Keynotes, don't over hype yourself, or else you won't enjoy the news.. Now, for those who're interested in checking the event out (no video feeds, just liveblogs):

    MacRumorsLive (or twitter feed: @macrumorslive) - MacObserverLive - GdgtLive - Engadget

    And just in case you won't be around to check the liveupdates, i'll be posting a summary blog post (and cross checking the expectations numbered above) after the event later on tonight.. So, make sure you stay around my twitter feed for updates on the post.. I won't be updating minute-by-minute on twitter, because i already received complaints from my followers (that sounded awesome, in a sadistic way)..

    If there's any links you think i should add above (updates, or rumors) leave it in the comments.. See you all after the event (fingers in crescent shapes)..


    [update: WWDC banner events are up.. AppleInsider tries to zoom a sneak peak before the show..]
    [update: Click here to check out my summary of the event]

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