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    Friday, June 11, 2010

    The Ultimate Laptop..

    Ladies and Gents, i give you, the true meaning of mobility..

    iPads? You should be ashamed of yourself.. ASHAMED!

    Now that we got that elephant afloat, What happened this week?

    First things first, Final Fantasy 9 has been finally (FINALLY) confirmed with a release date.. After the fanboy state of shock i was in because of FinalFantasy13, i was only able to restore my faith in the company by playing FinalFantasy 7 directly after i finished the game.. It hasn't been a blessed market this year on the JRPG arena, and i was running out of my fix.. Until i saw the announcement for this game, and as mentioned, now we can finally get a glimpse of what Square used to stand for, right out of your PS3's.. *dramatic, eh?*

    We’d like to thank everyone who has patiently waited for the revival of one of the most anticipated classics in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX.
    Returning to the elements of what makes true role-playing games appealing — characters, grand story, engaging battles and an impressive presentation — we’re proud to offer PS3 and PSP owners a chance to relive what RPG fans have long considered a nostalgic masterpiece.
    The wait is almost over and we’re proud to announce that Final Fantasy IX is finally here, again! -PlaystationBlog
    In more cheerful news, and this goes to all Apple users out there.. It's a common case on the iPhone, to me at least, to get annoyed by that stupid blue bubble that covers (and dims) all of your screen, just to tell you about a certain push notification.. I don't mind it most of the time, but when am watching a movie, a podcast, or anything on youtube, i really don't like it forcing me to be notified.. I've always liked the Plam Pre's notification system, and now, there's a great possible chance we might see a reinvention of the annoying Blue message bubble..
    The man who "Invented the non-intrusive banner notification system used in webOS" and also did all sorts of other work for the OS, Rich Dellinger, is leaving Palm to return to his earlier employer, Apple, as a Senior User Interface Designer.
    With Apple's UI ideas and this guy's programming skills, i'm expecting something good.. Nothing soon, however, Apple has it's hands full with the upcoming iPod'centric event on September..

    And while Apple might be cooking up the next top (or flop, since the odds are getting too close), the fans found new ways to show their love of the iPad in retrospect.. Literally..

    I'm really admiring the handiwork of the iBook/iPad, and would seriously consider buying one if it was on sale.. Nothing shows the design leaps Apple managed to do since the turn of the century than this..

    Adobe, on the other hand, had an interesting week..
    He said that hackers could create a "booby-trapped Flash animation, or PDF" that would give them access to a person's computer, potentially allowing them to harvest personal information or use the machine to send spam messages.-Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, a security software company
    I can still remember the interview Adobe had, discussing (or maybe dismissing) Apple's criticism of software vulnerabilities that can be implemented through Adobe's products (mainly Flash).. Only to publicly acknowledge the flaw in their programming, and now they're trying to patch it up..

    Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

    I know that as an end user, i shouldn't worry much about what those giants deal or do, as long as i get a working product.. But as a tech enthusiast in general, i can't seem to overlook that sometimes, those companies need to share their skills together to create even better products for all of us.. Sometimes, some mergers can create off springs of a new technologic revolution (or spawn demons of hell).. It won't even hurt either of them to publicly acknowledge that they ask each other for help, sometimes.. Take Google, for example..
    Sure, Apple and Google are at war, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help one another out from time to time. Especially with regard to WebKit, the rendering engine that both use in their Safari and Chrome web browsers. That’s exactly what happened yesterday with the latest stable build of Chrome. -TechCrunch
    But beyond that pretty image, is it because Apple wants to help Google? or does Apple feel like helping anyone using their WebKit?

    On another related note, am sure many of you followed (or heard) the WWDC outcomes, one way or another, and maybe it was just me, but is Apple forgetting about the rest of the family? iMacs, Mac Pros? Anyways, that's another story.. Point now is, Apple secretly released their new version of Safari (5.0), and it has some good adjustments to their already OK formula.. Nothing major in the interface, and allot under the hood.. Since Apple already showcased the Safari potential via their HTML5 examples (yeah, examples, good one Apple), the buzz generator is slowly developing..

    Microsoft, however, had an ace up their sleeve, and they're calling Apple's bluff..
    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    From the looks of it, Microsoft got an awesome grip on Hardware acceleration (Safari still has the lead in web rendering, though).. Which reminds me, Are we going to ever see another IE release for the Mac OS X beyond that NetScape looking fiend of an explorer IE5?

    Ever since i switched to Mac, i had no reason to miss Microsoft's way of computing, because it didn't seem to click well with me.. My only brush offs with Microsoft were with AutoCAD, 3DsMax, and the occasional InternetExplorer.. Why IE? because as a web developer, and being a customer in some ancient bank systems, i need to view the web through the IE browser.. For a while, the thought of using a VM fix, or maybe a CrossOver fix, seemed ok for ACAD and Max, but too much time consuming for a simple Bank transaction..

    Maybe i didn't notice this before, but Safari 5 is FINALLY an answer to my prayers.. If you go to the Preferences tab, go to the Advanced Settings and Check off the "Show Develop in Menu".. From the newly added menu, you can enable Extensions, and at last, change the User Agent to any version of IE you like.. There, problem solved, now i can pay my drug smuggling loans without going to a Windows PC that might endanger my privacy.. (insert ironic remark here)

    This piece of news goes out to those interested in Architecture.. Own an iPad? downloaded the almost-awesome Zinio magazine app? You're in luck, because the Architectural Record is heading your way, monthly..
    "We are proud to become the first business-to-business magazine to be available on the iPad," he said. "We are excited to be able to offer these new formats, an important step in our continued commitment to applying the latest digital innovations for our customers." -Architectural Record
    Of course, there's no confirmed news regarding if AR would make an iPad version of their content, or maybe release a stand-alone app later on, but for now, Zinio is offering an amazing price value on the yearly subscription.. High quality news and images directly on my Pad, it's about time!

    Anyways, Just incase you fear mortality, and want another silly reason to be remembered, Nasa might just help you out.. With their recent "we got so much time on our hands to be poetic" attempts, Nasa is suggesting that you participate in sending out a picture of your face, to SPACE!

    You heard me.. Now, incase we're blown away by the 2012 nibiru, your face will be immortalized in space, for free, and you might come across the civilization you originally came from..

    Happy, now?

    So, What was the highlights of YOUR week?
    (you're all bound to answer, one of these days, ONE OF THESE DAYS!!)


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    1. dude,the If you go to the Preferences tab, go to the Advanced Settings and Check off the "Show Develop in Menu".. From the newly added menu, you can enable Extensions, and at last, change the User Agent to any version of IE you like.. There, problem solved part is intresting,but due to lack of time,and may be knowledge,i would appreciate it if u make a small tutorial on how to use it.