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    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    True Life - The Aftermath..

    Almost a week ago, Mtv released a video report about the Saudi Youth (or what it wants to give out as the typical stereotypes) and created a huge tidal wave that took Saudi networks and coffee shop discussions by storm..

    What many managed to forget, and i tried to clear out before, Mtv is not doing this for any journalistic excellence award, nor are they interested in creating a change more than do what their job description is.. Create a fuss, and reap the cash out of the publicity (be it good or bad).. And that, my friends, has been the plan.. There, conspiracy revealed..

    And guess what, the general reaction to the video fell victim, and reactions were the same favorite three (in no particular order):

    1. Blame the jews (or Zion, or Barney the Dinosaur, or Chuck Norris)
    2. Blame the world for allowing this to happen(since they're all in it to support Mtv's political campaign to over throw the evil regimes of the world, and ca$h out the social reform)
    3. Blame the lack of ethics of those who chose to appear (or lack of pure blood, i kid you not)

    So, in the light of the Blame'track we're in, allow me to exercise my generic Saudi birth right..

    i'd like to send a shout-out and blame you and you and you.. All of you..

    It's becoming evident that we tend to choose the sensational way to solve our problem (most of us, to be more accurate).. We're less likely to agree on a public discussion of any matter, but we're more likely to agree on utilizing hate..

    During the past few days, the local media caught attention of the storming social networks over the video, and like always, highlighted the almost-typical reaction of Saudi towards the "sin-flaunting infidels"..
    A local newspaper reported on Friday that a group of conservative Saudis are planning to file a lawsuit against the group, claiming they are making their sinful activities public. A member of the group was quoted as saying that this case was similar to another case that happened in October. -ArabNews
    An official source in the District Court in Jeddah said that it would consider Saudis’ call for a lawsuit against the US channel in the event of a formal referral by the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. -MiddleEast Online
    Instead of openly discussing what is wrong with our social fabric and trying to figure out a way not to be easily exploited, we never seem to agree on anything that doesn't involve pitchforks..

    We never seem to agree on filing lawsuits against the financial war-zone of treason we like to call a "stock market"..
    We never agree on filing anything against the lack of consumer rights, or the exploitation of which..
    We can't even agree on filing a class-action lawsuit against those responsible of the floods (plural).. When it comes to sex and/or religion, however, we're an army.. As if that's the only thing ruining our peace of mind..

    Heck, the national day caused more intentional physical mess than any "happy nationalistic country" would expect, and what did we do about it? Nada.. Zelch.. Zero.. As if it was some bad dream..

    All of us, apparently, are religious police officers, who are confident and able and well-educated religiously to be able of deeming anyone worthy of heaven or hell.. It only takes us a few days to come out with a verdict, and boy, do we make sure we make it loud enough to be heard..

    We use Facebook, Message Boards and even email forwards.. We're active, alright..

    Was there any consideration to discuss this? Why bother? The verdict is already unanimous.. It's one of two:

    1. Anti-religion demons..
    or (the ever occurring)..
    2. Not pure Saudis to deserve the nationality (it was used once to blame for the jeddah floods, as a god-sent doom to sinners)

    "every original Saudi who's originally from this peninsula, blood and birth, can never be like this"

    Which is interesting, actually.. Do you have to be a pure Saudi to be religious? or do you have to be religious to be a pure Saudi? Am not decided, maybe you guys can help me solve this one..

    How amazing we are on focusing on the trivial, and how fast we become blind to see any bigger pictures..

    One thing i noticed, however.. How many of us praised the one part of the video that seemed to make sense? You know, Ahmed fighting the system from the inside, trying to set an example of using your brain to actually solve the social stigma we live in?

    No, we decided to focus on one thing.. The fact that most of his books are banned in Saudi, thus, the guy is a brainwashed looney as well..

    Never knew a woman's right to take part of her country as an actual citizen would be a zionist ideology.. Maybe i missed Conspiracy Theory 101..

    I knew better than to be angry on Mtv, because like i said, it's Mtv.. But i can't help but feel frustrated to the same story happening every time we get a slight chance of debating an issue.. Nonetheless, our love to argue surpasses our love for anything else..

    My comical relief was only satisfied by the one clip i remember resembling closely who we are and what our initial reaction of anything would always be.. (most of us, straying away from any generalizations)

    Of course, the comment box is all set and ready for your thoughts.. You'll have to type them, however, as much of a turn-off that sounds..


    p.s. I intended to post this yesterday, but i guess ya'll know what happened..


    1. "Life of Brian" was an awesome movie!!
      need more examples on what people said, i got quite a good collection on my blog from a few news websites...

    2. It's ironic how our situation relates.. The amount of time i spend wasting on finding actual links to everyday situations with Monty Python gave them a supreme-comedy status with me..

      I'll check them out tomorrow, am almost dozing off on the keyboard.. :)

    3. :p
      sadly true Lou
      No matter how or in what form we try to express ourselves to the world...
      Its a sin.... i guess the best song for this blog would be "its a sin by the pet shop boys"

      I also consider this a diversion from the real political and social issues facing our people.
      Whenever the "poo" is almost at the fan blades they move the fan

      Great blog non the less.

    4. great blog! keep it up..

    5. @Hussein
      It's depressing to agree on that fact, but I guess hoping with belief is better than hoping with denial..

      Thanks, bro..