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    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Speaking of Conspiracies..

    On a lighter note..I've witnessing, lately, a huge wave of conspiracy-fueled debates around the web, with the recent Mtv and Israeli stunts, so i thought, why not include another theory that is already happening as we speak? and this one is easily proven, so don't bother emailing Alex Jones to confirm..


    There's been quite a revival, online, of 1984, and how the tech giant Apple is heading towards that draconian future of BigBrother supreme rule.. Might not put a gun to our head and force us to buy apple-only products in that dystopian future, but may as well be speculated by the CEO's.. iGuns FTW..

    Funny thing is, this idea was pushed by many, including Google..

    Asking us to stray away from the one machine, one platform, one app store future into a more open one.. While Google themselves are ironically trying to be the platform that serves you everything, guards your everything, and works with the motto "Do No Evil"..

    This video, however, can probably enable you to see a bigger picture that seems more monochromatic than the color-fun world Google tries to represent..

    I think it's safe to say that both aim for one ideal, to be YOUR only provider.. Do you see that happening already, or am i the only wacko on this?


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