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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Mind-Blowing Innovation..

    It never ceases to amaze me..

    The fact that, despite being a country rich in oil, we don't seem to be rich on the intellect on how to utilize it properly.. Some are busy stacking its revenue for the apocalypse (by all means necessary to do so), and some authorities spend millions and millions on projects that either don't contribute to society in a good way, or don't last long enough to reap any expected results.. And everyday, i'm reminded of those "facts" in conversations and/or driving around the city..

    Today was one of those day..

    We won't invest in installing new traffic lights, we won't invest in improving the street quality (for safety issues, because its dangerous beyond aesthetic repair), and we won't even consider faking announcements about doing any of the previously mentioned.. We just don't care..

    And by "we", am speaking collectively on behalf of the absent municipality.. The same municipality that, surprisingly and magically, appear out of no where when the king is setting out the different budgets for the different parts of his government.. They make sure to announce how much they've received, and never fail to impress with how much they've spent.. Only to, literally, drown the citizens in mischief..

    In a way, Instead of getting traffic lights that work on sensors (like the ones used all over Dhahran and Khobar), and instead of seeing it as a long term investment with good returns, it doesn't make reasonable sense to them.. What makes sense, however, is hiring a contractor to design bathroom-tiles-covered steps, leading up to a glorified traffic control machine, covered under an umbrella..

    I know that somewhere in the bedding process it made more sense to invest in something cheaper in the long run.. a One-time expense for the steps, an under paid police officer, and an umbrella.. The equation to success, and making sure to put that money into real good use..

    Some argued with me the other day, but these are used to manually control the traffic lights when a Royal family member drives to and from an area..

    Ever heard of Computers? Power Grids? Remote controlling from a nearby station? Anything?!

    Speaking of technology, the Saher initiative is rumored to be cancelled.. There are no confirmed news, because we don't need transparency, our media relies on the word of mouth.. And why was it cancelled? maybe because it was ancient? or maybe it was yet another smart utilization of money BECAUSE it was ancient?



    1. i lol'd at the last paragraph... but i gotta ask what specifically is the Saher initiative?

      Was surprised to see on my latest visit there were street names in Al-Hasa...

      last time i was here (in 2008) there were no signs. i'd hate to sound derogatory, but i've always referred to Al-Hasa as "Bed Rock with Lights" and the only reason we come is for family.

      but yeah i agree. and i can already see some of my uncles reasoning why the policeman and the umbrella is a better idea...

    2. The Saher initiative is a "supposedly" smart camera system that snaps a shot of anyone who commits a traffic-light related violation.. What? it was introduced to the whole world ever since Closed-Circuit cameras were invented? lool..

      And it wasn't long enough before the mysterious announcement, until later on, no cameras are installed yet.. If ever.. And why are we making a big fuss about it is beyond me..