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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Making Life Easier..

    I would like to take the chance to congratulate all of you great citizens of the traffic-free city of Jeddah.. Recently, in aims to better reduce our almost-minimal traffic troubles, the municipality managed to open the new connecting tunnel of Sitteen street, right under the Tahlia street..

    With careful attention to traffic studies and details of expected neighborhood density, which is what our municipality does best (based on years of experience and proven trials), the new connecting tunnel is expected to better achieve under any circumstance..

    I'm also happy to post pictures i took earlier this week of that working tunnel (taken in none peek hours, around 10 pm on a Monday), so we can all marvel at the greatness of the studies made..

    What a blissful day to be this happy..

    Did i forget to mention that i was sarcastic? Oh well..



    1. You cheeky fella, I almost didn't get the sarcasm till the pictures! Yes, you can take that as a compliment :)

      By the way, assuming you are going from South to North, is this queue caused by the traffic lights at Cycle roundabout ?!?! Really curious to know, as I am not in Jeddah now.

    2. Actualy am on the same road, but am heading from North to south, that big bike was behind me.. So now, it's crowded on both lanes.. :D