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    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    How To : View any Website as IE8+..

    Usually, since my country runs on the latest tech (sarcastic), i'm bound to come across a governmental or local business website that is designed to be viewed ONLY through a certain browser.. And for a while, i used a Virtual Machine workaround to use IE on my Mac OS X, which took some time to load, use and then shut down just to pay an electricity bill.. Things have finally changed..

    Safari has always been slow in catching up, and this feature (with enabling extensions) is way over due.. But, somehow, Safari has always been my browsing choice for some core features.. With this, it's the preferred choice now..

    By popular demand (from the one who seems to be the only regular commenter), this tutorial is all about teaching the simple way of viewing any website in any internet browser format WITHOUT needing to install that browser..

    First of all, you need to make sure you're running the latest version of Safari.. Now that you're set, just follow the pretty pictures below..

    Go to Safari "Preferences"

    Then, go to the "Advanced" tab and check the "Show Develop.." box.. This will enable a new menu "Develop" which will give you access to the new features..

    Under "User Agent" you can choose any browser format, and once chosen, it will automatically reload the current page you're on..

    Of course, you might have noticed that from the newly added "Develop" menu, you can enable Safari Extensions, allowing you to get the best out of the web by installing 3rd party extensions and web enhancers.. For example, am currently using GmailThis and SaveTabs.. Two features which undermined Safari when compared to other stronger internet browsers.. Enjoy the web!

    Now, before any tech war starts, if this feature was available before, i didn't come across it (or need to come across it) until i opened my RiyadBank account, and found it too annoying to make my bank transaction from the almost-none-secure PublicAccess Windows machine in my office.. Now that i got this solved, things feel as safe as they should be.. I hope.. Feel free to comment or suggest or comment or comment..


    1 comment:

    1. Thanks Lou!

      but somehow this trick didnt work here
      uploading the pic to this application forced me to remove the dust from an old toshiba...and make a death run against its crash before i finish the application and save it.

      however,it remains a great feature,hopefully will become in handy in other sites of saudi.