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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Thoughts in Retrospect..

    The kingdom is going through a transitional period between the aspirations it aims to be, and the throned past it longs to cope with, slowly subsiding the parts of it that stand in the face of change.. A true intellectual revolution, led by ideas, fueled by hope, only to be ignited when time calls for practice.. Sadly, a routine effect of the past 100 years..

    Dozens of inspiring pieces of literature, printed in magazines, or folded neatly in the morning paper, asking for reform and a revisit to all those traditions that were based on a different time, different needs, different Saudis.. Years of literature in which some aspired to send the first man-led shuttle by 2020..

    Looking around, thinking of these visionaries in retrospect, are we closer to the Saudi we all once dreamed about? Or is this the Saudi we wouldn't even dream of living in?

    How disconnected have we become from what this country really needs, to what this country really is, or what this country ought to be?

    I don't think we grew disconnected, we just grew discontented by default.. Our early grade writing classes of "what to do for your country" turned to "what the country did to me" not "for me"..

    Would we aspire to a brighter future differently if things were developed differently? Or is the country stuck in the gap between ideas and ideals that we cant reach either side of?

    Dreams, hopes and all thats in between, shoved ever so harshly for the sake of one man's theory, and another's intellectual demise..  
    Dreading a tomorrow that seems no different than yesterday.. Maybe our materialistic life has changed, in forms that we're bound to despise..

    Did I see the future, Because i just lived the past? and did it prove to some that is more than enough?

    To base assumptions of what to expect, is as futile as hoping for rain in the desert sun.. Truth is, it did rain, and there's no reason why our dreams should die dry..

    The future is us, and it can only be the result of what we make of the "today" we're in..

    Good night..


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