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    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    TechUpdate - One..

    Well, allot of things happened during my "leave of absence", and the world of tech seems to work 39 hours a day, 90 days a week.. 

    So, other than the norm, Apple vs. Adobe (HTML 5 FTW!!) and the already hyped up WWDC, my selection for the day is mainly about three interesting updates:

    1. Emerging Social Network start-up with potential to lead, where others failed (Facebook is dying).. 
    2. The "Google" logo trying to find more places to shine from (draconian future, here we come)..
    3. The Mac OS X Architect, and the glimpse of hope up ahead (you heard me!)..

    Nothing seems better to start off the "TechUpdate" series..

    [ by the way, the links follow the same format as LinkShare.. The important pieces of news will be in bold, and in red, so for the no-time-for-long-reading-crap people, enjoy! :) ]

    Recently, the web has been a tabloid magazine on steroids.. With the recent fuss over Facebook's privacy issues, that seems to repel it's users to deactivate their accounts, Other networks seem to be on the same grounds as Facebook.. Who would've thought MySpace would actually flip the switch on it's loyal user-base?

    And, i mean, if things are not going to pick up where the mess is leaving us, I'm feeling more inclined to dumb down my social network interaction to a mere communication hub.. I've been thinking allot lately about removing all my personal data, and actually spread my content out over other websites.. Because it's becoming tiresome to be part of a social network that changes their perspective on Privacy a bit too frequent, while trying to rub their idea of a social network on me, the user..

    Yet again, just as soon as things starts heading for the worse, there comes a need for a solution to maintain what we got used to in terms of networking, or a solution that takes us to a better understanding of what we need, learning from the mistakes of those who seem to "suck" at doing what they should (or at least said they would in the first draft of their terms of usage -if you actually went through them-)..

    The new social networking experiment, that seems to try something not-so-original, but feeds on the already baked demographic, is Diaspora..

    diaspora /dī-ˈas-p(ə-)rə, dē-/
    origin: Greek, διασπορά – “a scattering [of seeds]”
    1. the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network

    Starting up with a new ideal, and it's actually a very smart use of the word's origin, Diaspora seems to be aiming at a market that wasn't cared for by the networking giants of today.. an Open-source social network that YOU can adapt to, and make it adapt to YOU.. Of course, the spelling of the word itself will need some getting-used-to, but nonetheless, it's a product of a need..

    I love these experiments, because they seem to always bring out the best, and the new start ups of today may be the future solution, or the future Facebooks..

    Would they really be any different? it's really hard to tell at this stag, but their promotional video does give a little peek into what they will become.. Here's for hoping this would actually work..

    Want to give them a shot? Join Here..

    Now, for something that is both exciting AND expected..

    Google has found a new way to crawl in your every day life..

    More on Google TV

    For those of you who rely on their PS3 for entertainment, TV Internet and more, you'd probably think that this is just another lame excuse for a product.. Those were my initial thoughts too..

    However, Google never sets foot with a piece of hardware, unless they got the software planned ready to work on as many platforms as possible.. I actually think that this would be collecting the depressed demographic created by the ever-failing Apple TV, and maybe create something that is both Cheap and Affordable..

    Any TV Media machine can use their software, and make use of it's features.. One of many is the ability to allow the software to recognize speech, allowing similar feature to the ClosedCaptions (CC) feature found on Youtube.. More interestingly, Google owns YouTube, so if there's any form of better-internet-media-delivery to be expected, my bets are high on these guys..

    For now, however, am pretty much happy with my 299$ PS3 and all the power it has, and am really not interested in adding another machine to ruin my minimalist TV stand.. Then again, if we're ever to see this in an actual TV, then that would be a massive game changer.. There's already an emerging market on the upcoming SkypeTV's, i can't see why a Google TV, as an actual TV software, would not target that market..

    Maybe am speculating too far, but i'm almost half-inlove (no am not) with the software empire Google is building up.. Makes it easy for them to collect harmless data on a huge huge HUGE cross section of users.. (insert snide remark on my naive statement here)

    Now, saving the best for Last.. As an architect, i've always struggled during my switch from Windows to Mac, because of one major thing..

    - All the tools that i've grew accustomed to are Windows-based..

    Of course, adapting to the new way am computing (which changed greatly with my first 13" intel MB), i came across many equivalents to those tools, and some were even better in many ways, but they didn't click with me as much as Autodesk did.. I have to admit, despite me using ArchiCad for the past 3 years, I never thought twice when i chose to install a Windows virtual machine and get my AutoCad fix..

    For years, it's been a matter of discussion between the switchers, and it did fuel some annoying fanboy wars between architects.. And with Autodesk's acquisition of 3DsMax, the future of my architectural tools seemed to head towards a more Windows based machine.. Or at least a virtual one in my case..

    However, shooting down all the rumors of Autodesk NEVER regarding to make the switch to Apple's side, a new piece of news surfaced..

    Autodesk is officially trying out a new BETA version of it's AutoCad software on a Mac OS X system.. FINALLY!!! a Beta!

    I never thought i'd see the day *tears*..

    And to top it off..

    Autodesk is planning to make use of all the Mac OS X capabilities and features, including leaving much creativity room for the way they're going to utilize the multi-gesture track pad and the Magic Mouse, allowing the user more flexibility.. The core of the program will still be the same, but the interface will be more improved, given the room a Unix-based system can offer..

    However, before you start squirming around for a Pre-order button, like i did for the past two hours, it turns out that they're testing it on the 64 bit Mac's for now, and there's no news for the inferior 32 bits most of us use.. I am already planning on making the 64 bit jump soon as am planning to buy a power machine for my freelance work.. However, for the time being, and the time anyone's expecting this software to pop up, this is not so good news..

    I just hope that the software architecture would make it easier to create a 32 bit version soon after the release of the 64 bit, because god knows how much this would help..

    Well, that's it for now.. And until the next TechUpdate, don't hesitate to comment or even send me a tip off, i pay handsomely.. With love and care?


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