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    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    Striking Chords on MBC..

    I spoke already twice about Riyadh (here, and here), and I'm keeping them both updated with the latest interesting news that i can come across.. Be it News articles, blogs, and YouTube videos..

    However, since i have no satellite TV in my home, i actually missed an amazing moment recorded on TV.. Thanks to YouTube, I can now watch it over and over again..

    It just deserved a blog post on it's own..

    [Just a minor warning for none-arabic readers, the clip is all in Arabic and i couldn't find a version with any subtitles.. I will describe what I saw, but i wish you were able to hear it first hand.. Sucks to be you? nah, i kid i kid :D]

    Well, without further a due..

    Sheikh Salman Al Oudah is considered to be one of the most respected and prominent Saudis, respected as a religious scholar and a Saudi spoke person in many social and political aspects of life.. He has numerous appearences in many shows around the Middle Eastern screen, and truly gives an intellectual and religious view to all things revolving around our everyday life.. You can read up more about him in the Wiki article i linked..

    To sum the clip in 3 points:

    1. He mentioned how the situation in Riyadh is caused by corruption in many governmental aspects that led to the disaster early this month..
    2. The chairman prince of the Riyadh municipality called in and said, "I see it odd that you start mentioning corruption and am confused why you'd choose such an approach.. You're a well-known sheikh and everyone hears what you have to say, and starting the episode talking about corruption like this was uncalled for (LOL!!!!)"
    3. Sheikh Salman answered, in short summary "I didn't say that someone SPECIFICALLY is to blame, but more than one side, and it's all around the papers and I was in Riyadh during the incident, and it's too big to cover and deny that it wasn't the result of corruption.."
    So basically, the chord struck by the Sheikh's approach was so strong and so loud, that the prince himself had to call in and give his "criticism".. Of course, if this is anything, the prince just blew his cover (or his intent and views at least), trying to deny, on Satellite TV, that corruption was too harsh of a word..

    Instead of commending the sheikh that he spoke the clear OBVIOUS truth about the issue, he actually defended it by saying "corruption naming was uncalled for"? Srsly??

    Too harsh, eh? Why don't you just say it to all those who lost their homes, possessions? or the families of the two victims? or the many hospitalized? Or the major inconvenience and massive airport delays because of man-made errors that made a blessing like Rain, that is nothing like a disaster in scale, turn into one?

    Being it was broadcasted on MBC, a widely viewed channel by Saudis, I guess you just did, Your highness..

    We have a saying in Arabic (am not sure if there's an equivalent, but i'll try my best)

    He who Smelled it, Dealt it.. اللي على راصه بطحه يحسس عليها

    I'm not sure how things will develop on this, and i checked the local news and there isn't any on the show, but i'm sure there's something brewing.. But whatever happens, it's been said, it's been recorded, and I wish i had the prince's email so i can send him the YouTube link.. (maybe not, i don't YouTube blocked X''D)

    However, To see such a tragedy addressed by such a respectable figure is truly the kind of energy and hope we need to know that what we're fighting for is right, and staying quiet about it won't solve it.. Addressing it head on, clearly on focus, and with reform in mind, is THE way to go..

    Thank you, Sheikh Salman, for the being the voice of us all.. God bless..


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