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    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    RANT - Pray for the Capital..

    Yesterday marked a second stab at the integrity of those big bellies who are forever held responsible..

    The same "those" who were too busy announcing numbers and budget plans, avoiding the questions, and relying on media black outs.. But yesterday, reform was demanded "naturally" in the form of rain, stating the statements that we echoed for a long time.. Resulting in the exposure of the man-made flaws that were tucked away, and the already bought-out press that seem to have the silver spoon, feeding us the bullshit they call "news"..

    For years, corruption has been the coffee shop discussion of the youth, and the taboo topic of the press.. It took 2 man-made disasters to ignite the fire, less than 6 months apart..

    If what we see is something and what we read is the opppsite, that's not news.. That's crap paper, folded neatly for your loving memory..

    [This is another long rant, so if you want to get the updated coverage, click here.. and if you want to see my coverage so far, click here]

    When a single celebrative event needs a dozen police cars to escort, and there isn't even a single Police officer to help the drowning cars, something's not right.. Those who're there to protect and serve, came in hours after the citizens
    themselves put their lives on the line..
    Don't take my word for it, a picture's worth a thousand..

    On the other side of the world, The Mining explosion in West Virginia caused so much fuss, since 29 died, and man-made errors were suspected.. If you even took a glance at the US national news, these 29 people seem to matter.. They ARE citizens after all..

    On the other hand,
    How many died in Jeddah that weren't reported? And whats the body count so far in Riyadh?
    Do WE matter?

    When the police seem so damn eager to implement a new survelinece system, hunting violators at traffic lights, sucking their pockets dry, and a not single officer to put a simple detour sign just before an already flooded tunnel (with water and cars altogether) something's not right..

    Major official news sources stayed quite, reporting only what they're told to report.. That's not news, that's just some crap handed over from the top of the pyramid.. It's not until this morning that smaller newspapers started reeling in the numbers..
    Our incompetent media was brought to it's knees yesterday, falling off their blind folded seats, 140 characters at a time.. The dedicated TweetFeeds offered all the direct coverage.. And all those news editors bit their nails, thinking they can cover this any longer.. Now, they're forced to show it all, as more national coverage started to surface..There might be hope to get some of that insurance money? Good luck, this might be listed under "Natural disaster", which is not covered..

    Funny thing is, it's not.. Not on any scale, so let's noy joke ourselves..

    Any asian Tsunami, that's a natural disaster..
    Katrina, that's a natural disaster..
    Ejsdjsjajshsjahaj (or whatever that volcano's name was), that's a natural disaster..

    What really "Grinds my gears" (sorry Peter), it's not that we don't have the money.. We do, we just the ability to see it's use in a none corrupt, or none shallow, or none whatever way.. Poorer cities in Indonesia are flooded with Rain EVERY day.. We just took a sprinkle compaired to them, and look at us..

    It's been raining in Malaysia since yesterday, and it's still there.. But when it rains for less than a day at our kingdom's capital, a complete district turned into Atlantis with tunnels that are completely submerged..

    How much did that tunnel cost?
    Nah, seriously, i really want to know? Because it seems that down the lines of "logical thinking", the price quotation was missing a couple of things..

    Nothing major.. Just Drainage systems, civil safety standards and maybe some reinforcing beams.. Heck, they were just a couple of millions that some minister deemed too much for the cause..

    I mean, Poor guy, how can he afford pleasing his son with that new BMW that he wanted for his 16th birthday?

    To that guy, that Authoritive figure, the safety of the millions using that street is no big deal, they can survive.. There are more thibgs to worry about, that lavish beach house is not going to occupy itself, right?

    What do they call that? oh right..

    Hey, i didnt say that.. The Oxford Dictionary said so..
    Damn zionists are out to get us, right?

    Time to wake up and smell the streets, Saudi Arabia.. We have a serious problem.. We had it for a while, it's no news.. But when we end up paying for it? That's beyond the "shut up and tolerate" line..

    If yesterday proved anything, together we can make the change and send a bold clear message.. "we're getting tired of this".. I know my voice will echo, and maybe reach the few of you readers out there.. Don't blame me for being presistant..

    Instead of making a Far-From-Reality campaign of Signing a Thank You note (maybe it's just me, but i have more questions than Thank Yous), sign a class-level plea to Urge the king to do something..

    (Maybe it IS me)

    The corruption of jeddah was cooled down by the attempts of prince Khaled guided by theKing's request, though lacked affirmative action and speed.. At least some sort of official action was taken.. Will the same Happen again?

    As a final note, because am just getting over depressed by the hype Twitter is in, I just wish we can always be this supportive and helping and act as one facing the odds.. We dont need a tragedy to unite, despite history proving otherwise..

    So, the question is..
    What's next on the agenda, Saudi Arabia?



    1. it seems like this kinda weather is gonna be every years weather,if u remember,the heavy rain started a couple of years ago and it incrementally increased year by year.

      i guess global warming turned of good use for saudi arabia.

    2. Yeah, but the increase is not in any steady pattern, or at least steady enough to make a pattern..

      Rain is still far between the seasons, but when it happens, for sure, it's becoming stronger and more lengthy in duration than previous years..

      Let's just hope something is done about this, because if the time comes, and rain hits again, we're done for.. And this is speaking about the major cities of Saudi, Jeddah Riyadh and Dammam.. God help the villages (who seem to suffer lesser damage, ironically..)