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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    RANT - Israel Fears a Pillow Fight..


    So unless you've been trying to make it big in the rock scene, sick of coloring and switched to Abayas, or just been dumped by your puppylove girlfriend, THAT right there happened.. Ta'Day..

    Israeli commandos have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships off the coast of the Gaza Strip, killing up to 19 people on board.
    Dozens of others were injured when troops raided the convoy of six ships, dubbed the Freedom Flotilla, early on Monday.
    Israel said activists on board attacked its commandos as they boarded the ships, while the flotilla's organisers said the Israeli forces opened fire first, as soon as they stormed the convoy. -AlJazeera International
    As a change of flavor for the usual Israeli "right to self-defend against aggressors", it seems that the newly added technology, of assuming aggression, attacking based on an assumption, and actually killing "potential" suspects, is working just fine..
    Wasn't that used in some movie?

    And who's the aggressors this time.. People armed with floaty life-savers, food, medicine and armed with good intent.. What kind of threat did they pose? a lethal pillow fight with Israeli meanies? You saw the video, who was holding the guns? Who boarded the ship like a Solid Snake on a Metal Gear hunt?

    If that flotilla is deemed anywhere near dangerous, and you happen to approve, stop reading this blog.. Like, right now..
    I seriously ran out of any thing to say about this.. i didn't lose hope in fending it off as much as i possibly can, but am fed up with this particular event reoccurring like some chronic case of hemmoroids that the world can't deal with.. Why surgically remove it and put your time and money through the torture, while you can bend over and take it like a man?
    Your leader, my leader and everyone's leader is probably thinking of a summit right now as we speak.. Or maybe a highly official Facebook group "If 10,000 people join this group, facebook will close Israel".. Because at least the world seems to take Facebook more serious than they do with dead people and death threats..
    If only things were that simple, right? Make a facebook group, and have the record state that you started a one-click revolution?
    Well, you'd be surprised how simple finding logic in today's event is, compared to 60+ years ago.. See, 60 years ago, Israel was still a bastard child of the modern and civilized societies of the world, and the world was still fresh in reacting to what they had to say, offer, or slay for that matter.. Over the course of those 60 years, the global eyes were witness (and the muslim conscious was slapped) on more than occasion.. It became an annual event to hear about something in Palestine and how it got geographically raped over the years to the little patches of earth it now stands on..
    Now, Israels deeds of "glory" are not deemed as soon-to-be-forgotten memory.. You can spend an hour on YouTube, and you'll catch up with everything on Israel since the dawn of video.. Really, i kid you not, and the video linked above is nothing different from those other videos.. Same Israel, different month.. And that video will be re-happen over and over again.. Proudly served by the so-called-State of Israel, part of the Universal Society of Aggressors..
    Israel, whatever the hell they are (i can't call bastard children a country, can i?), will never change.. And the reaction towards Israel will always remain around simple lines (paraphrased for comical relief)
    The World: Israel, dear, please stop, you're making the floor messy again..
    Israel: I don't WANNA
    The World: Israel, darling, please.. We talked about this..
    Israel: No NO No!!1!  *the equivalent of our arabic ما ابغا ما ابغا ما ابغا*
    The World: Got some gifts for you from your favorite uncle!
    Israel: Yay, more WMD's (not to be mistaken with PSP's UMD's).. Was it from Uncle Sam!! Is he my father? He seems to love me allot..
    The World: We already talked about this, he's one of many.. Now go to your "room", and play nice with the neighbors..
    It's funny when a country poses the least threat, under false WMD claims, it gets taken down in less than a Month.. LESS THAN A FU*KING MONTH! And that's based on assumed possessions of weapons, and assumptions of potential danger (again with the damn assumptions).. But when the record is loud and clear on the murders, violations and disrespect to global politics (they do exist, right?) and there's no room for assumptions, nothing happens.. Nothing.. Just (oh that's horrible, that should stop).. FRIGGIN' STOP IT!!
    Ok "logical" world politics, let's put it this way.. Let's assume Israel might be, possibly, presumably, and assumption-ably, slightly dangerous, ok? And has a potential of killing people, ok? With all that room for assumptions, that should suffice to nuke the damn place, right? But hey, what the heck do i know?

    I knew there was a reason why i don't blog politically as much as i did before..

    But then again, I won't even consider wasting more of my time talking about how animalistic, inhumane and disrespect to man-kind Israel is, because like i said, Social media does a better job in giving you that fill of hate.. And although i have nothing but the latter, logically and emotionally, i can't hate them more than i hate those who stand witness and do nothing..
    Those who have the power to make a stand, and yet choose to succumb .. Those who have the power to make the change, and choose to use it otherwise.. Those who have the power to speak for the millions affected by this, but choose to stay quiet.. Keyword here, ladies and gentlemen, Power..

    We're just observers (and some are forced to be, yay!!).. And While some choose to rebel, some choose to protest, and some choose to rant, Small bits and pieces that is forming what i like to call "collective cumulative change"..  Tapping will last us long enough until we achieve a single crack (And that's me being hopeful, now).. While the big guys upstairs, with the Administrative account access and ability to instantly read-and-write (or at least, a big enough microphone to show objection) remain quiet.. Doing all the paper work for us.. I know i shouldn't expect much of them either, maybe it's hard to talk when you're bending over..
    Here's a simple choice, leaders of neighboring countries (which am not pointing fingers at, honest :) ).. Choose to object, and choose to yell it out loud, Show your concern, and stop all the peace negotiations.. Do something, show that you care beyond the usual summit that ends with another summit a year-or-so later..

    The leaders at the summit: So, guys? Sushi this time?
    The rest of the leaders: Nay! Mubarak has fish allergies..

    Maybe you'll finally know that only talking wouldn't help.. I wouldn't talk in math with someone who doesn't know math, same applies to peace.. Nice analogy, right? (subliminal self praise, yay)
    The video above, like many flooding youtube (and flooded youtube before), will be another scar (60 year old one, and aging) in our hall of shame, to show of how numb we've become, and a witness to where we're failing.. And with Social networking and the ever-lasting memory, we're privileged to remind ourselves through any machine with an interface (you don't need speakers, actions speak loud enough)..

    So, what to do? Because like always, the ball is in our court now (or the illusion of a ball in a court)..


    [update: Follow the live streaming media library, right here ]
    [update: The human beings in Israel are protesting, let's see what the "middle east's only democracy" has to offer]
    [update: a diagram of countries opposing the attack.. It's a blind-folded given to guess which countries didn't.. Check it right here]

    [update: Turkey announced they will send more aid, guarded by the Turkish Navy.. And this could turn to be politically interesting.. Why? Check this out]
    [update: Doubts are surfacing as the incident is being questioned.. And on the other side of news, Turkey intends to send a guarded flotilla this time, as Israel is considering the release of the captives.. Click here, and here]

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