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    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    More Adobe, More Apple and a dash of Microsoft..

    Yup, you guessed it, TechUpdate is (maybe) becoming weekly now.. At least this way, you'd get a better chance of catching up what you missed.. No, am not lazy, i just think the blog is drowning in my tech addiction.. When time calls for an intervention, or a support group, let me know..

    So, what happened last week?

    Like any other week, once you start thinking that the Apple hype will cool off somehow, no matter how many proto-iPhones get lost, or under-the-belt letters published, or even a new rule set by Apple's righteous attempts to better the world, you'll get the news that will let you change your mind..

    Why? Because last week added more momentum to the Apple buzz that took the past couple of months by storm.. Let's admit it, Apple managed to really turn tables this decade.. And i mean REALLY turn tables..

    According to WallStreet, Apple is now taking the lead in Market cap, placed just a nudge ahead of Microsoft's.. This did not come out of no where, Apple held a tight grip on it's earnings (with successful attempts to generate new ones), not believing in the existence of any financial crisis whatsoever..

    In one of the biggest and unlikeliest turnarounds in business history, Apple is the most valuable company in technology, passing Microsoft in market capitalization.
    Apple’s market cap has passed $227.1 billion — ahead of Microsoft’s $226.3 billion. Apple is up about 1.8% today, and Microsoft down about 1%. -CultOfMac
    As much as this was eventual, let's see if Apple has what it takes to keep the momentum perpetual..

    And while the Cupertino office is rejoicing, Microsoft is taking a good blow to it's market share, and apparently, it's morale as well.. With the departure of influential CEO's, including Gates himself in '08, the spirit of the company seems to flutter in the blowing winds (poetic cheesiness galore!!).. And as much as a company should hold it's calm during these times, and with Apple provoking them with the "in your face" announcement of profit, it seems that Apple hit home..
    "It is a long game. We have good competitors but we too are very good competitors," he said. "I will make more profit and certainly there is no technology company on the planet that is as profitable as we are."
    "Let's see what happens as I am still pleased that 94 times out of a 100 somebody picks a Windows PC," he said.
    We're going to win, he said.. We're still good, he said.. Denial is a river in egypt, he said.. Well "He" happens to be Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer.. As insecure as those quotes were, it seems that Microsoft is losing grip of a ship they once mastered..
    About five years ago, when blogging as an analyst, I asserted that computing and informational relevance had started shifting from the Windows desktop to cloud services delivered anytime, anywhere and on anything. The day of Windows' reckoning is come: 2010 will mark dramatic shifts away from Microsoft's monopoly to something else. Change is inevitable, and like IBM in the 1980s, Microsoft can't hold back its destiny during this decade. The Windows era is over. -BetaNews
    If MSFT doesn't get their game straight, either in whatever software integration they can find, or in actually LISTENING to what the customers complain about, rather than spend time copying another student's notes (yes, Gates copied off Jobs notes in highschool *wink wink*), the Windows era (and MSFT's software dominion) might be shattered in the next 5 years..

    Heavy stuff, eh?

    Anyways, Apple is not immune to threats (from ACTUAL competition at least -fanboy aura- ), as it seems they will reconsider what they might do to get back in the race.. The race to dominate your TV, as Google already locked and loaded it's software spread with Google TV (check last week's TechUpdate)..

    Rumors starting to surface, and like always "Confirmed by someone close to Apple", about what Apple might have in store for the future of AppleTV (a failed project, IMO)..
    If you thought that Apple's foray into the world of home entertainment died with the last iteration of the Apple TV, you're quite wrong. A tip we've received -- which has been confirmed by a source very close to Apple -- details the outlook for the next version of the Apple TV, and it's a doozy. According to our sources, this project has been in the works long before Google announced its TV solution, and it ties much more closely into Apple's mobile offerings. The new architecture of the device will be based directly on the iPhone 4, meaning it will get the same internals, down to that A4 CPU and a limited amount of flash storage -- 16GB to be exact -- though it will be capable of full 1080p HD (!). The device is said to be quite small with a scarce amount of ports (only the power socket and video out), and has been described to some as "an iPhone without a screen." Are you ready for the real shocker? According to our sources, the price-point for the device will be $99. One more time -- a hundred bucks.  -Engadget
    I can't comment more on this, because i think i had my fill of Apple-Rumors for now, and will wait until the next WWDC (got the countdown timer set, still not decided to LiveCover it).. So, the speculating arena is all yours..

    Moving along..

    The news seems to flourish on the iPad front, with the recent announcements of the long LONG waiting lines, it seems that Steve intended to prolong the shipment dates to cause enough buzz to make people wait for 2 whole days.. Hype-Slaves, right? Hype-Slaves with iPads.. And when the iPad hype blows over, then you can judge on what the machine does for you..

    But looking at the facts.. At first, everyone questioned the direction Apple is taking, as useless and maybe pointless in compare to the competition.. Soon after the announcement, it seems that other market leaders (and copycats alike) saw a glimpse of what Steve was talking about, and despite the bad reviews, a huge number of people started following the "Multitouch Internet" trail.. Some actually had to go back to square one, after seeing the market change Apple caused.. Others, however, decided to follow their path..

    Like REALLY follow their path.. To the extent of creating an iPed (and no, that's not a typo)..
    The iPed is the latest iPad clone to hit the scene. It packs the usual Android build into a casing that looks a lot like the real thing. It even ships in a box that’s nearly a photocopy of the iPad’s retail box besides the iPod label is replaced with iPed. Sneaky. -CrunchGear

    And just when you think the MicroSim 3G, and the tiresome hack you might consider if you don't want to buy a MicroSim, can put you off enjoying your 3G iPad, 30$ can change your mind..

    courtesy of Gizmodo

    I have to level with you, anonymous readers (i installed a visit counter, i KNOW YOU'RE THERE), this iPad might be over hyped now.. But take a quick stroll around the web, you can see the potential.. Am planning to make a blog post about it soon, so hang in there..

    In the mean time, feed on this!!

    If you’re a hopeful author sitting on what you hope to be the next great literary classic — or, failing that, the next mopey emo vampire series that you think will sell like gangbusters amongst the indiscriminate Hot Topic tween market — great news: Apple’s just released information on self-publishing on the iBookstore. -CultOfMac

    So, until next week's updates, What was your technological highlight of the week?


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