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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Link Share - Street Terrorism..

    The number of Deaths because of car accidents has been on the rise, and with the recent publication of last year's death toll, it was a clear indication that we're heading in for some serious trouble.. Especially if allow our streets to be the way they are now.. A concrete battle field, and the gas is free..

    Society doesn't seem to be aware of the seriousness of the issue, and the government is practically doing a cheap a$$ job delivering the message in any "serious" manners.. From posters that don't find their way to better exposure than a single webpage online, to an infomercial done by the GCC in the 80's and still on rerun ever since then, to the lack of any major publicity attempts to maximize exposure..

    Due the "seemingly" lack of innovative thinking, they should CHANGE that damn tape and deliver something that stimulates an actual thought process..

    Like this video.. (after the jump)

    For none-arabic readers, you can find a translated transcript here, courtesy of Khaled Rambles blog..

    The video clip was done by my good friend Alaa AlMctoom (MctoomMediaMovies), dedicated for the soul of his cousin, who passed away recently in a car accident..

    Using social media, the video became viral around Saudi Blogs and news feeds, compensating for the lack of living room media-exposure.. (any news reports on this video? send me a tip)

    Visually, the video does a great job in illustrating the complete chain of thought of a citizen who acknowledges the problem (with facts) and addresses the issue head on, without over hyping it, and without turning the issue into a "dramatization of an actual life story" *wink wink GCC video*..

    The delivery is bold, and the illustrative nature of the video keeps you engaged, long enough to realize how serious the issue is.. The build up, the technique, it's actually pretty interesting (putting in mind that it took 37 days to make) and it does a great job (visually) not to alienate the viewers.. It's not much avant-garde (though the narration sounded like it was) but artistic enough to make an impression.. It could use some graphical-quality tweaking here and there, and the narration could use some sunshine (sounded a bit dull at points).. 

    But overall, great job Alaa.. Your message is heard loud and clear..


    [update: Finally, the local coverage this video needs.. So proud wallah, as more people get to hear what this great video has to say.. God knows we need more of this.. Keep up the great work!!]

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