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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Link Share - Apple Scoops..

    To a certain extent, i always saw Jailbreaking iPhones as a small playground for underdogs to show the consumer what their machines are actually capable of.. And I didn't mind it (unless it involves installing free version of paid apps, which i completely oppose).. Jailbreaking on the iPhone, to me, is like a sandbox of ideas and what can and should be done.. Either way, it can prove to be a good source of ideas for the Apple geeks working on the next SDK release..

    However, with a machine such an iPad, the potential of what can be done has changed to aspects that might be a future look of the future softwares, and it might be enough reasons for you to jailbreak you iPad.. I might jailbreak mine just because of what am about to share..

    Exciting enough?

    So, to lay it out, here's what i was talking about..

    It wouldn't improve the experience when you compare a multitouch mouse with a multitouch screen.. BUT, it will improve it when you dock you iPad to a keyboard, and don't need to stick your finger to it, and possibly pushing your iPad around the table just surfing youtube..

    Another thing, which is for the vintage gamers in all of us (maybe just me)..

    Can you spell Nostalgia? I mean, a technological cross breed, and the ability to emulate classic SNES games is just a done deal to me..

    Oh, and "One More Thing (tm)".. Got an iPad 3G and welling to do anything to send an SMS while you surf? Make sure you check the clip in my previous LinkShare right here.. (self-promotion, yay!!)

    And before I stop talking about iPads, Printing will come natively.. VERY soon.. Steve said so himself..

    courtesy of

    So, with all this war on what's exciting, what's worth buying, and what's worth microwaving for that matter, why can't all the gizmos and gadgets live in peace?

    This guy thinks they can.. Not that musical awesomeness, but the delivery is really worth the watch :D..


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