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    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Justice, finally?

    In the light casted by the sad tragedy of the Capital, it seemed to create a sensational look towards the mess that happened in Jeddah.. And in a move, completely unprecedented in the history of the kingdom, time to take action might be closer than we think..

    In a way, trying to solve and make examples of the severe damages of Souther Jeddah in last November, by finally taking those responsible to the court, and an order to start a trial as soon as possible.. Says who? The king, that's who.. For the first time, and i've been whining about this for a while, Affirmative Action is being taken, and now we're just witnessing the wheels in motion..

    I actually agree on the approach.. In order to better evaluate the corruption of Riyadh's mess, we need to take care of the unfinished business of Jeddah.. Finally, a step ahead..

    However, should we put high hopes on this one? Or just sit back and watch it unfold to something we might already expected?

    So far, no one can tell.. We can spend hours speculating, but it's quite useless at this point.. Because..

    1. This is a first in terms of the publicity of such an action..
    2. This is a first in terms of what cities were affected..
    So, we don't have all the parts of the equation set, and we can't safely make bets based on what we got used to before.. God knows, these are one of those extraordinary events in the kingdom's lifetime (depressing to know, but reform has to start somewhere)

    Of course, I wouldn't expect anything recent, but i do have some hopes that this goes a certain way where at LEAST, some progress can be sensed and maybe felt by the major populous..
    • Whatever happens in the trial, before it, after it, or even during, it should be broadcasted on TV.. Live broadcast would be the optimum approach, and an edited version to at least show what happened.. Of course, there would be more room for sneaky editing, but that's actually ok, it will show exactly the Agenda we're dealing with.. 
    • Action is to be taken as soon as possible, because it's becoming a normal trait that sparks of activism rapidly blow away.. I mean, if Riyadh's Rain didn't happen, people ALMOST got over the fact that there would be any justice served in Jeddah..
    • To get as much media coverage as possible, to enable many critics of many schools of thought to give their insights on this, at least to enlighten the public to what's going on and what to expect.. Leaving the speculation to local news papers is not enough, and it can turn the issue into an extremely sensational TV Drama, and soon the interest will fade..
    • Transparency, Transparency, Transparency..

    The article has a complete descriptive layout of the Royal rulings issued by the king and the specialized committee to what needs to be done, and the action to be taken.. It's actually interesting to lay them out publicly, at least it gives us a check list of some sort to make sure we can keep an eye out to what is going on, instead of being in the dark.. The Jeddah Investigative committee did a lousy job updating their website, and they weren't completely transparent on what is being done and what will be done.. It was left to public speculations, and not all of us are good in that..

    The news article, along with an Arabic TV Reportage, can be found on Al Arabiya.. So, for those none-arabic speakers out there, i suggest you use the Google translator, it seems to be the most effective (with the least absurd grammar mistakes)

    Refreshed? I know i am.. Hopeful? Am not so sure.. The king seems angry, but was he too angry to set a date maybe? Something to put a countdown timer for?

    One of the many reasons why am skeptic about this, but nonetheless, it's progress al hamdu'lilah..


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