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    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Jeddah.. Sorry, RIYADH Floods..

    Amidst the almost snail-speed updates on the sad events of November 25th, and the extremely low transparency between the government and the people, No major updates or arrests.. So far..

    However, not so far from Jeddah, The capital city was showered in heavy rain and hail today, and with a corrupt record spanning all over kingdom, the inevitable happened.. An utter disaster!

    And the rain proves to be the quality checker and safety inspector that this kingdom needs, sadly.. So much for Saher..

    The northern parts of the city are completely flooded, and as you can see, streets are completely blocked.. The distance between both cities were minimized to seconds as the pictures and videos started surfacing just recently, and the web is again flooded with a mark to where our ministries fail.. Which is doing their damned job right..

    With this disaster still unfolding it's casualties, you're bound to ask, where is the drainage system that was bragged about?

    2003 - 460 million SR
    2007 - 120 billion SR
    [update] 2010 - 270 billion SR (notice the pattern?)

    All that money, in the CAPITAL of this kingdom, and this is the end result? Devastating floods?

    I complained long enough, asking for any action to be publicly taken, just to avenge those poor families of Jeddah who lost their children, family and any valued possessions.. And just as soon as I started accepting the type of system this country runs on, The capital is now having it's share..

    Rain in Saudi is really a rare scene, and when it rains, it usually sprinkles and stops.. Just when many can see Rain as a blessing, our ministry's incompetence to do what they're supposed results in damage ALWAYS greater than they can ever expect.. Now, let's see the explanations and "wasn't my fault" excuses surface in the coming days.. If they're paid for anything, it's for those Bullsh*t 101 classes they seem to ace..

    It just seems to puzzle me.. How are these streets even approved to be constructed when the least consideration to safety standards are neglected? And who's paying the price? Those who have nothing to do with the mistake to begin with!

    Ministries of Saudi, You screwed up.. Don't waste your time drafting public explanations on TV (an "explanation" of the Jeddah Floods) , explain it to the victims..

    What you can do to Help?
    a Twitter stream has been established, and updates are flooding in every second.. Classes already have been cancelled for tomorrow.. And citizens are helping out each other.. And I can sense the officials booking their flights out, because this really MUST rain on them.. This is becoming a joke..

    Copy the links in RED, and spread the news.. You may just help someone in dire need of help.. Don't forget to pray for your brothers and sisters..


    [Update] a Live stream for Riyadh Streets Status.. Pictures of Casualties starting to Surface.. a Dedicated website for the Twitter and Picture feeds..

    [Update] a Facebook group dedicated to aid CITIZEN-LED rescue missions.. The youth (and Twitter) and now Facebook seems to offer the coverage, help and aid this crisis needs.. The hell with the hypocrisy of the "IT'S A VACATION TOMORROW :D" media..

    [Update] First Official Coverage (arabic), and it's about the Facebook group..

    [Update] ArabNews's Coverage (english)..

    [Update] Damage report, according to Madina Newspaper (arabic): 509 emergency calls, 243 car accidents, and 210 police cars dispatched (srsly?!)

    [Update] Damage report, according to Reuters (arabic): 1000 medical cases reported at hospitals..

    [Update] The dedicated website to the situation,, is now officially working as a connection hub; linking to different news articles, YouTube clips, pictures, and different blog posts.. Amazing job in record time, so please BOOKMARK the website for up-to-date updates.. Something's up.. The site went back to an earlier design.. Now it only has Twitter feeds and YouTube videos.. [The site is back again :) ]

    [Update] an Interactive map that shows the damaged areas of the city.. I know maybe the water is all drained by now, but this is for all the Saudis who have families in those areas.. Now is a good time to call them..

    [Update] a YouTube video taken today that shows the aftermath of the floods.. I advice you to mute the video though, the guy went over board with the soundtrack.. And anyone who's watching Al Ekhbaria channel, the Commissioner is blaming the citizens for panicking and causing more damage.. He actually said that, i'll update with a YouTube clip ASAP.. That Jackass..

    [Update] Al Jazeera's Coverage (english).. Officially, Two people were reported dead.. Thank god this disaster wasn't as big as the one that Hit jeddah in November..

    [Update] Some coverage uploaded on youtube..

    Al Arabiya - MBC

    Al Ekhbaria - Saudi TV

    [Update] My thoughts on the issue..

    [Update] Sheikh Salman Al Ouda, a prominent Saudi cleric, shared his views with the Prince of Riyadh's Municipality..

    [Update] A new budget plan has been announced, so soon (i know, right?).. Am not feeling good about this..

    [Update] On second thoughts, there's a sudden MOVEMENT towards progress.. Finally?

    We're back to silence, i guess..


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