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    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Intentional, you say?

    And like any long absence, the return must be equally thrilling..

    Assuming the absence was thrilling to begin with..

    I've been literally drowning in a peak of a submission, both in my profession and my freelance, i forgot my head somewhere.. Rest assured loyal citizens of HapHazardonia, for i have found it..

    My head, that is..

    Ah well, today's post might probably be the end of any tech news on Link Share, since i'll start rounding those up in a new series.. "Tech Update", which is nothing different in format, but lesser (and beefier).. I had a couple of emails, and they actually made sense.. The blog is starting to get dominated with more tech news than it should.. This won't be the end of LinkShare, however.. I'll keep on posting some of my favorites links every now and then.. And as you may have noticed, am a bit picky..

    I'll be summing the big news scoops up, and post a long one every 2 to 4 days.. I'll save my tech dedication to a future step (am thinking of starting a gaming+tech blog with a friend, after being inspired by Link Share).. So stay tuned on that one..

    Also, am planning to get more of Me in this blog.. My drawings, my architectural disputes and designs, and maybe a bit more of those thoughts that no one is fond of.. So yeah, you're in for one narcissistic treat, and all the bull i can spew.. I don't think it's bull, but a certain love mail said so, so this goes out for you..

    Has anyone got a hold of any updates on that trial? Seems like that spark of revolution is extinguished, sadly repeating history..

    Good luck with your exams, though :)


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