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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Captioned Thoughts - Chrome Perfumes..??

    Most of the time, i come across major Copyright issues here in Saudi Arabia.. Merely because we don't understand what they are or what they constitute.. you're bound to come across a Micky Mouse character as a mascot for a Chopped Liver sandwich place, or a Sonic Playground for kids, or 17 different cafeterias with the same name (and not the same owner).. 

    But this was COMPLETELY unexpected..

    The graphic design agency has the balls to pitch a proposal using a web browser's logo? If it was a computer shop, i'd understand, but a perfume shop?! Srsly?!!

    Nectar is a locally famous perfume and cologne chain of stores, found all over the kingdom.. So, at whatever city you're in, post a comment if you saw this at the mall near you..

    Have a great Thursday, i guess X'D



    1. "Wait a second, how did anyone find that out??? Can't you all see that I have, very cleverly, rotated it clock-wise and removed the blue from the centre??"

      Yes, I did see that when I was in Jeddah. Wouldn't it be lovely if Google sued them?

    2. LoL!!

      From the masters of 'Copy-and-Paste'!!