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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Link Share - One

    I usually post these links and videos on my Facebook page, and since many aren't "privileged" of having me on their list, this is my way of sharing it with all of you out there (lurkers as well)..

    So, what's on display today?

    P   E   A   C   E W   A   L   K   E   R

    According to Destructoid, this is the opening cutscene of the much anticipated (for me at least) MGS:Peace Walker installment on the PSP..

    The characters seem interesting enough for the plot, with the ironic addition of a character influenced (probably) by Kubrick's Dr.Strangelove (pretty smart move, if you ask me) , and Huey, who is either a spin off of Otacon, or just a twist Kojima has in store..

    Despite the many doubts of how good this game might be, am actually excited to see what Kojima has to offer on a platform like the PSP, after delivering the epic MGS 4 on the PS3.. I really enjoyed both the story and the amazing gameplay of the previous PSP release, Portable Ops, and thought it was very refreshing.. Ashley Wood did an amazing job in the illustrations, and it showed Kojima's genius in using the limited space of the UMD by adding extensive gameplay and amazing art direction of the animated scenes to catch up on the story of MGS 3..

    Moreover, As much as Kojima managed to leave his mark with his co-directing of MGS 4, am really skeptic about the multi-plat release of MGS 5 on both the PS3 and the xBox.. In terms of the possible (I SAID POSSIBLE) limitation of graphics and gameplay, i mean, Would the xbox really like another multi-DVD game?.. Also, Kojima won't be directing it.. He took some time to develop this future release, along with a rebirth of the classic Castlevania series (FINALLY!!)..

    Anyways, i'll leave you with the video..



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    1. Apparently, the sharing feature has been disabled by the publisher.. Check the Destructoid link at the beginning of the blog to see it on their site.. :)

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