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    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Link Share - Gizmodo..

    Well, this month is probably the best month to spread around some free publicity to this tech blog.. Apple made sure that their message is sent clear, and Gizmodo is reaping both the pros and cons of the ride..

    Why? Well, there IS one way to find out, you know..

    Yup, how very "fortunate" for you, it involves clicking the link below..



    It seems that either they clicked a big BIG red button of Apple's, or Apple is just making sure their marketing ploy of "Stolen Prototype" is done to the last bit of detail to create enough buzz.. Especially when the next WWDC is right around the corner..

    I have to say, if this ploy was indeed a marketing trick, Apple really knows how to add a kick in a text-book-classic trick.. Steve really doesn't like small waiting lines..

    But if it isn't, i think Gizmodo is taking the fall for what seems to be the scoop of the year (they ARE a tech blog after all).. It's all fun and games until the police raids your house and takes anything technologic..

    If you haven't followed the previous updates I posted on the iPhone 4G post, you should, because it's there.. Waiting..

    On a lighter note, the web is already taking all the funny stabs at this issue as possible.. Two things were really worth sharing here.. Pretty hilarious!

    The Dilbert point of view, and the Mock image of Apple's Payback for the iPhone 4G dissection by TopherChris..



    1 comment:

    1. i guess the least possibility,is that apple is hitting him with a hammer to make a lesson that its somtihng that apple takes pretty serious.

      though,i am still in the believe that this is all a marketing strategy.