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    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Link Share - The Beatles, AAPL and Blackberries..

    I came across some interesting news today, or maybe a slow day at work..

    A Visual piece of Art I found in my "To Organize" bookmarks, some locally-interesting news about the iPad (and a hint of Micro-Sims in Saudi Arabia), and RIM's understanding of Marketing..

    I know you're excited (in whatever way you see fit), so go on.. Click.. NOW!!

    That picture just made my day at work..


    [incase the player is partially eating by the size of the column in this post, just right click on the video and choose "Watch on Youtube".. Just don't forget to get back here, THIS BLOG NEEDS YOU!!]

    That was just Beautiful.. The meanings it conveyed, and the art work that just elevated it to a beautiful merge of Animation and Graphic Design..

    The animation and fluidity takes the simple (yet famous) interview to an interactive aspect that just sucks you right in.. I really loved it, and being a Beatles fan myself, it was a really nice clip dedicated to the philosophical mind and soul of the Fab four (IMO).. Am sure this isn't something new to the crazy BeatlFans out there, but i came across it while sorting out my bookmarks, and thought i'd post it here.. Enjoy..

    Moving on..

    Mobily really took all the Apple spot lights in the Riyadh Gitex, and it certainly created a buzz on the Saudi twitter front.. According to, the Mobily employees at the both mentioned that the iPad will FINALLY be sold officially through their outlets in the coming months, and there will be financial packages for the 3G version of the iPad, since they'll release the new Micro-Sim technology as well..

    This just calmed me down in the "NO MICRO-SIM SUPPORT IN SAUDI" panic attack, and I'm glad that a company like Mobily is taking the lead.. There is still no official announcement on the website, but at least it's good news compared to the Silence-then-SURPRISE policy of telecom companies in Saudi..

    Next in line, RIM and their recent attempt to create an buzz over the introduction of the new Pearl models..

    Ok, so maybe this has no effect on me all the way here in Saudi, but i just thought it's stupid enough to immortalize a link to it in this great blog of mine (AM GONNA LET IT SHINE)..

    I mean seriously, I thought Micro$oft did a good number in bad advertisement, this just goes way down there next to it.. If not lower.. A big company that actually goes to the desperate measure of sending out rigged-actresses with the new models, put them in a place where single men may hit on them, telling the women to actually give their new yet-not-introduced Pearl to these guys so they can dial up their number, thinking this will actually boost sales?

    Imagine the stupid scenario.. Even better, imagine the focus group or the brain storming session that gave birth to this joke.. Not only does it feed on stupidity, or that it's sexist in the demographic they're targeting, they call this Marketing?

    Sometimes, I just end up saying "Al Hamdulilah"..



    1. Lou,how did u know there wont be any Microsim support in saudi?

    2. There wasn't any news or announcements regarding that.. Before Gitex, most people i asked (STC and Mobily in particular) though i was looking for MicroSD cards.. Until recently, Gitex started spreading the news, so at least there is hope (despite the weak sources)..