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    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Link Share - Apple Scoops..

    What can I do? Nothing seems interesting on my other RSS feeds, and there's allot of hype these days about the coming WWDC on June, and the lost&found 4G..

    Anyways, Today am sharing a Dual-Boot, a dream coming true, and a Fact proven wrong..

    Pretty interesting? Yes? No?

    It's been a slow weekend, i know..


    In a recent video that surfaced on YouTube, one hacker/developer managed to dual boot both the iPhone OS and the Android OS on a single 2G iPhone.. Now, i don't know why would anyone do that, due to the different features of both, and the number of iPhone API's that won't be put to good use (maybe it will in the future stable release, since this is a beta), it seems to be working anyways.. Yes, it's a bit buggy, but it takes allot of work to pull this one off, and man, he sure did..

    Internet High Five..

    On the other hand, News seems to be pleasing the End User on this weekend.. In a final step towards becoming reality, the famous gaming platform Steam, is finally making it's way to the OS X community.. I've been following the amount of games this platform delivers, and the potential it offers to indie developers as well, it seems that it started a cult following on its own.. Am following Steam's news without having it on my machine, that's how good they are..

    Now, after long waiting, Valve released a developer's beta (i think it is, because i can't find it), and it seems to be running very awesomely well.. This is the boost the OS X gaming community needs.. Live Long and Prosper, Valve..

    Going along the lines of Pleasing the consumer, if you're planning to purchase a MacBook Pro 13" unibody from the recent releases of Spring '10, then the battery you bargained for, might not stand the test.. It's promoted all over the Apple webpage, and it's around the 10 hour benchmark the 15" and 17" pros enjoyed the whole time.. Now, trying to fit the 13" in the same field, MacWorld's hardline test proved it other wise..

    Apparently the 10 hour mark is practically a 4 hour mark.. They managed to cover their grounds saying "Up to 10 hours", but when there's a 6 hour difference, then there's something messed up..


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