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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Link Share - Apple Scoops..

    Well, Updates on the Apple front are quite booming, with their market share increasing (while decreasing when it comes to iPods)..

    Today, i came across a couple of interesting news: an update about something, another update about something else, and an interesting update on something that is yet to come..

    See how am playing with the mystery elements? Yay for me?

    and like always, the intended links are in Bold-Red..

    Well, to the many who wasn't following the Adobe/Apple boxing match, and Apple update by NOT supporting the apps developed under CS5 (as much market share that move killed), Adobe just threw the towel for this battle, but said that they won't stop targeting the Apple market..

    Talk about persistence..


    The interesting piece of news is just worth speculating over..

    TUAW made an interesting comment on Apple's Downloads section of it's website.. Apparently they stopped updating it since late March, and no new applications seem to be approved ever since.. For Apple, this is a very long long LONG time.. Now, the speculation here (and this might be looking too deep into it), but is Apple trying to unify it's market strategy by adding yet ANOTHER app store?

    It doesn't seem far fetched.. Imagine the convenience (not kidding, i actually like the idea).. However, I, for one, rarely check it since i make my downloads via MacUpdate and VersionTracker.. But, Apple's silence is either they're stacking for something new OR they just forgot they actually had a download page :D..

    Speaking of Big news.. 

    Apple recently released their financial Q2 financial earnings, speaking of how big their muscles have become, and spreading the numbers all over the place, blah blah blah, i know.. Yay for them, but that's not the point am talking about..

     “We’ve launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year.” - Steve Jobs

    I can only wonder what this coming June has in store..



    1. u know what,ill start looking for a second job,so i can afford all apple products as they pour!

    2. Already looking into the classifieds for freelance work XD