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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Link Share - Apple Scoops..

    Well, my RSS is over flooded with AAPL news.. From all the tech update news, new Apps and Sales figures, two links caught my attention..

    Hit the jump.. Like, now would be a good time.. GAWD!!

    [ Intended links are in BOLD and colored in RED]

    Well, the first bit of news is actually making me question the whole Jailbreaking deal.. I never liked the idea of forcing my machine to multitask, or do an expose' effect of my pages, or use Bluetooth.. I'm actually one of those iPhone users who read before decided to buy that machine, and actually knew what am getting myself into.. Unlike those who pay the hefty some and then bitch about the lack of this and lack of that.. YES, SELF-PRAISE..

    HOWEVER, After the major MAJOR announcement of iPhone 4.0, i was kind of bummed out my 3G was left out of the good pieces of the pie.. Well, a bit more than kind-of.. Pissed, maybe, but that's about it..

    I guess..  *hides burned Apple stickers*

    The new here is, since Apple released their 4.0 SDK, it turns out that the software is easily adjusted to Multitask.. It's not a big deal, it's just a software code, but i really don't like an Update that leaves out other hardware for "inferiority".. They easily can say "Multitasking will be on both models, but won't be as fast, or as battery efficient, as the new models".. Plus, The SDK clearly shows that you can, so why the blow below the belt?

    Apple are in it for the money? NO WAY!!!  (insert DUH related remark here)

    On another note, the fight between Apple and Google is reaching a new high.. Or low, if you think about it..

    Speculating on early, umm, Speculations, Apple is trying to cook itself a homemade Search Engine.. Yup, Apple's own engine for it's own products.. Of course, from this point onward, you can tell that this might be a good reason why Apple is blowing off Google as their default search engine, as they already did on the iPad.. The alternative would be Bing..

    WOW.. errrm.. Yippie? Macro-$oft is good at something online..

    Apple says Google violated some sort of an alliance when they released Androids (???) and Google says Apple is violating the Alliance by removing them from their search engine.. Don't you just love it when the big boys with multi-billions play the He-Said-She-Said?

    Anyways, that's all for this day.. Expect nothing more, or expecting allot more.. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?


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