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    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Link Share - Appholes, WWDC and the PlayStation 3..

    Make sure you crank up your volume for the Appholes..


    I like my Thursday intros short..


    Source - FastCompany

    The Hype is still booming about the missing iPhone 4G case.. I don't think it should take all this attention since it's becoming clear (the intent behind the stunt), and some sites turned the gore of the situation into a gag for the viewers..

    However, The Daily Show took the chance to deliver a punch to Apple in the light of the recent incident, and it's the most direct, and amazingly hilarious, message that can be sent to Steve Jobs..

    The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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    …Come on, Steve. Chill out with the paranoid corporate genius stuff. Don’t go all Howard Hughes on us.”
    X'D loool.. Great stuff..

    On another related note, the date for the next WWDC is officially set.. I'll try to make a Live-Blog update on the event, so i'll make sure to let you guys know in advance about that..

    This other piece of news is directed to Sony.. 
    If you updated your PS3 recently, you might have noticed that the OtherOS feature has been removed completely.. This is not new from Sony..

    Not only did they trim off the Backward Compatibility in all the new models, which was one of the reasons why I purchased mine to begin with.. And not only did they reduce the USB and SD card ports, which are also a reason that i bought the damn thing.. Now they stripped down to a mere machine, like any other console, with the used-to-be OtherOS (which enables you to use Linux's YellowDog).. Of course, not many people actually that feature, but having the option to know that you can makes all the difference.. You purchased the machine with that feature written in the user manual.. Now you'll just have to skip the complete chapter and act as if it wasn't there..

    In the near future, you might only have a PS3 controller, and asked to subscribe to a Sony cloud server.. Am speculating here loool..

    What did Sony say? If you want the feature, simply don't update.. BUT don't expect that you'll be able to log online or check other PSN services.. Easy..

    Of course, as expected, this caused enough rage on the interwebs, that GeoHot (the kid behind the BlackRain iPhone jailbreak) had to make a public announcement telling people that he'll create a custom FW that keeps that feature.. And that he did..

    For a long time, Sony was completely raped by anything HomeBrew'ish on it's PSP, and only had the PS3 to represent as an almost hack-proof machine.. I guess that changed when they ticked off the wrong people, who seemed to rely on the OtherOS for things that the regular gamer is not interested in..

    Sony got their asses covered, stating that their Terms of Use clearly indicates that the can do WHATEVER software change that they see fit, if they saw any copyright or piracy violations.. Apparently they did, and there goes the OtherOS biting dust (unless you're on GeoHot's CFW)..

    Some people filed for refunds, many were refused (some actually got refunds for the feature's value from the machine), and now Sony is facing a class-action suit..

    Anyways, I don't care for the OtherOS that much, tried it during the university and it was fun and all, but wasn't that practical for what i need from an entertainment machine.. But how about you? Did it matter?



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